It's wonderful to fall in love
And not so great falling out of love...

When thinking about writing love stories and romance, can taking conflicts and romantic relationship upheavals from real life make a story stronger and more believable? 


If you are experiencing relationship conflict and are trying to work through it, this can be a catalyst for your character's interaction too. 

Sometimes you and your partner will find compromises and solutions to your problems and can work out ways to make your relationship better. And sometimes not.

So what if you have tried and tried again and still it isn't working and you both know it's time to move on. 

It's never easy it never is. Breaking up is hard. Moving on can be even harder especially if you are inside a long term relationship. There are a myriad of broken hearts scattered everywhere. So remember you are not alone.

I'm a big advocate of trying harder and longer to make love stay, but sometimes it just isn't going to work no matter what you do or try.  

So if it is over and there is nothing left to do but leave each other, then do it. Even if you say we only need to be apart for a while...

There is a freedom in letting go, even if it is tinged with sadness and hurt. And as you move farther on a healing and growing inside yourself can happen as time passes. 

Sometimes this apart time may bring you closer again. Sometimes not. So don't count on that. Rather, be with your own feelings your own self and your processes. 

The good side is as a writer, those things you endured can start to come through your writing and make your stories even stronger, deeper and more realistic. 

There is a whole new you just waiting to be free. And so are your characters too!


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So this is it. A new view that has needed a change for a long time now. And here are the ones I've made so far. It may be revised again and again depending on my whims. But since it is the flagship blog I started a long time ago, I decided to keep it for now and not take it down. Vary the things I want as I go along. See what happens. Change is good!


 Power to Rosie!

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How many times have I heard the saying about touching the hot stove? Many. And about the Kitchen sink? Lots.Though the sink is different from the stove they are related. 

So let's see, the stove metaphor goes something like this:

If I have to touch a hot stove 10 times or maybe hundreds? in order to learn not to touch that hot stove, then maybe I will learn to stop doing the things that causes me grief. Maybe.

I burned my finger on a candle the other day and was reminded of the hot stove. Little things begin to happen in a series and pile up to be one large emotional mess.

Which brings in the kitchen sink. When things start to go wrong and the negative drama increases it springboards all over. Everything that happens becomes big and bad. Past present even future. So it goes.

One day can be so good and warm.
Then all of sudden things change and bad stuff happens things go wrong. Little happenings turn in to big ones. I feel it, react to it, and before long I'm in the dramatic kitchen sink area again. After the stove. 

Finding a way to chill down? How about a deep freeze. Take all the stuff that is bothering me and causes the problems and just throw it into a deep freeze to chill for a while. When I open the freezer door again, everything should have settled into a nice calm coolness. Drama and emotional responses chilled out and gone.

It could work. Hectic runaway emotions can wreck havoc a lot and bring on the springboard effect.

Hot Stoves, Kitchen Sinks and Deep Freezes. Kitchen appliances and metaphors that we all love to hate.


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When I first had thoughts about doing this article I didn’t know exactly what it would be or what I would say. I did know I wanted to share things I’d learned and experienced over time.

 I decided a while back that what I needed was more peace and to have that thing called ‘well-being’ in my life. Chaos, scrambled thoughts and feelings became just too uncomfortable for me. Reacting to circumstances whatever and whenever overwhelmed me a lot.

I’d tried relaxation exercises and focus too. But those feelings kept coming back to plague me, take away my peace of mind. I would practice getting quiet and calm and then I’d say, “Great, I’m doing it. I’m doing fine.”

Sure. I was fine. Until my feelings would crop up and take me straight back down into those old places of action and reaction and overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings.   

So let’s move on to a subject that some love, some hate, some try and some don’t—the list goes on. 

People who don’t practice any kind of focus or what many call meditation may not understand that it’s all about knowing your own feelings and thought patterns and deciding what to keep and what to throw away. Sounds simple. Pick your thoughts, and the feelings you want to experience.

How simple is it? Not so simple.

Controlling how you respond and feel at a given time is not easy in any stretch of the imagination. Especially with learned responses and possible outside influences.

 What is this idea behind pursuing peace or as some say finding your Zen anyway?

The plan is to explore those ideas on how to find a happier more peaceful life in this lifetime. So as I go forward on this journey I'm wondering what I will find.


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With Nick and Krista

"...What do ya want to do today, baby?" Nick asked.

"You mean other than be with you?" Krista looked his way and smiled as she picked up her cup of espresso from the kitchen counter.

"Yeah," he smiled back and took a sip from his cup. "I thought we might walk the Commons, check out the neighborhood Easter egg hunt near the Market. What do ya say?" 

"I'd like that." Krista leaned over and graced him with a big kiss.

"And then maybe we can stop by The Cathedral, just for a while," she intoned.

"Right on," he said pulling her nearer. He let his mouth linger over hers. ...beautiful old world church... almost as beautiful as you... he whispered across her mind.

She giggled and snuggled closer. Quiet place for lovers to reflect... she sent back. 

"And after that," he said aloud nestling against her, "we can make love until dawn."

A sigh echoed from her. "That's my kind of Nick Zelmenis night." She pulled slowly from him. "I'll get the Brownie so we can take pictures of our Easter day outing." 

"Groovy idea baby." He gathered up their used cups and put them in the sink.

She leaned against the kitchen door frame watching him...

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Have a gracious and happy Easter



THE VILLAGE ~ Early 1960s

It's about time to drop in on favorite Soul-Love couple Nick and Krista. See what they are doing. This time it's a visit to their past and the New Age Village where these two spent a lot of time while they were young.

Before heading back to the Village I'll share a few basic ideas on a traditional Yogic practice known as Tantra. What it is and how to attain it. Tantra Yoga is a technique practiced in India from centuries ago. It has to do with raising your spiritual energies, attaining higher levels of awareness and spiritual growth.

That is a very broad view however. On the surface it seems to deal with sexual energy. But it has to do with the connection between male and female, yen and yang and raising kundalini (higher energies between a couple) Attaining enlightenment is the main goal.

Keep in mind the following excerpt takes place in the 'love peace and granola' days of the 1960’s. Openness prevailed and many were experiencing the explosion that was happening in the realm of not only sexual freedom but also new ways of thinking and spiritual awareness.

Okay, now let’s look in on a younger Nick and Krista and see what is happening right before they learn what Tantra Yoga really is.

The Village

“I’m not going in there with you, Nick. You just go.” Krista backed away from him.

“Why not, Krista girl? Did you know they are having sex in there?”

She stepped closer to him so she could smack his arm. Hard. “Nick Zelmenis we are not supposed to go in there. And they are not having sex.”

Nick raised his eyebrows and nodded his head. “Oh yeah they are. I saw them yesterday. I sneaked in the back and--just come on, Krista, you gotta see this.”

She rolled her eyes. “For heaven’s sake, Nick. That’s not what they are doing. My parents told me about Tantra. It—it has something to do with raising energies, umm,” she scrunched her nose, "kundalini I think is what they call it.”

“Yeah? Well you could have fooled me. That’s not what I saw them rising in there.”

Krista felt her face turning fifty shades of red. “Nick!” 

"Awe, come on Krista. I’m just really curious, that’s all."
“Yeah? My dad told me about boys. All you want to do, you know, is make a girl have sex with you.”

“Krista!” Nick said loud, sounding hurt. “You know that’s not the way it is with you and me, don’t you?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, Nick." She paused for a second. "I-I really like you so much and—geez. I got those feelings too... bad.” She looked down at the ground and kicked a stone with her foot.      

The next moment, Mr. Fabor, one of the regular yoga instructors came walking out of the Tantra room’s back door. “Hello kids. What’s going on out here?”

“Okay, then,” he said. "By the way, I believe the class on Hidden Power is starting in about five, over on the teen campus.”

“Thanks Mr. Fabor." Krista said. "We were just going over there now.”

She took Nick’s arm and guided him in the opposite direction from the adult campus.

“Hey kids," he called after them. “If you are truly interested in learning what Tantra Yoga is, I’ll be in my office this afternoon. Second floor of the main building. Stop by and we can talk a little. But you have to understand I can’t let you into this class. It’s age restricted.”

“Wow, did you hear that?" Nick said as the two walked arm in arm over to the teen area. “He’s really gonna tell us about sex.”

She pulled on him stopping him in his tracks. "Tantra is not just about sex, Nick. You need to know that.”

She watched him smile a little. “I know, girl. I do know.” With that said, he turned her around to face him and hugged her close...


To see what Nick and Krista discover about Tantra Yoga look for upcoming books featuring this quintessential Soul-Love couple.  

Kaye Manro
The Soul-Love Series

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April is a favorite spring month with blooming flowers, warmer temps and longer days. And an interesting full moon as well known as the pink moon. It peaks on April 11th around 2:00 am EST.

So why is the April moon called the pink moon? Is it because it's pink? Well not exactly, though sometimes this spring moon can have a pink cast due to the atmosphere surrounding the full moon this time of year. It was so called pink in history because of the bloom of the first pink flowers during April. 

Stay up until 2 and watch the April full moon. Dance in its moonbeams and enjoy basking in its light.




We hear it all the time. Life is short. Live it to the fullest. But do we actually do that? Many times we get caught up in what should have been or what we should have done. Or what we want for the future. It goes on and on. 

What about Now. This instant, this moment, this piece of time that is right here in front of us. Isn't that all we truly have? 

Recently things happened in my life that have given me pause-- Spending time with a good friend and rekindling a friendship which never should have been on hold; coming close to losing someone I love as I watched him become very ill and almost not make it; feeling the shock when another I know left this earth too soon with a surprising and sad speedy exit.

All these things happened recently and for me it adds up to questions like: What's it all about? Why am I stressed so much? Why am I trying so hard? For what? Why can't I just let go and relax?

It also made me realize how fast life slips away. And that I need to slow down take things easy and just live in the now. Find the things that bring me joy and peace and just be... 

Life is surely short and I want to enjoy every second of it however I choose it. And so my new direction is to do just that. 

Here's to everyone I know finding the peace and the pleasantness of just being. No matter how Zen that sounds it is where I'd like to be for now.  


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Here's something interesting to do when you are stuck and can't get those words to come while writing.

Try picking a word or a line. Any that comes to you and start writing from there. See what happens. It could lead to a new story or a part of one you are already writing. Granted this is not a new concept and one that is used for beginning writers. But it could be helpful at times when even a seasoned writer is blocked.

Even though poems come fairly easy to me, this does happen with the poetry I write. Sometimes a line will pop into my head. I feel compelled to write it down and before I know it I have written a poem. When it comes to stories I usually don't work this way. But it can be fun and maybe even fruitful. 

The following is a one liner that led to a couple of paragraphs. And it may morph into an actual scene in a story. Still this is fun to do. So I thought I'd share.


First Lines

She chose her words carefully... 

...so as not to offend him. She knew how easily that could happen. Even though she didn’t understand him the way she wanted. She needed things to go well between them.

 “Alex,” she ventured. “Where do you believe you come from?”

He glanced toward her and squinted before tilting his head back.  

“That’s just it. I don’t have any idea.” 

He sighed and stared at the dingy ceiling mulling over the cracks where the paint had chipped. 

“Sometimes,” he said, “I almost see, almost know. But then all of it just disappears like a breath riding on the edge of the wind. No thoughts. No memories. Gone."

Kaye Manro

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Kaye Manro

Back Bay, Boston 1966

“…I’ll send all my lovin’ to you… all my lovin’ I will send to you..”

Krista McBaine woke to the sound of Nick’s strong tenor voice singing along with a Beetle’s song on the radio.

She smiled. “I love you, Nick Zelmenis.” She called to him and pushed the covers off her naked body. Setting up she stretched her long arms overhead. The bedroom in their Brownstone flat was far too cold and the chill in the room made her shiver.

“What’d ya say, baby?” he called back to her from the kitchen where he was preparing their morning espresso.  

 “You know what I said.” He could read her thoughts and every word if he wanted to do it. They had a distinct telepathic connection and she loved every minute of it.

Feeling a cool rush of air from the not very insulated window beside her, she crawled on hands and knees toward the bottom of the bed to fetch her warm winter robe. It was a freezing Valentine's Day. No more than 15 degrees outside and it felt like 45 inside.

Just about then, Nick entered the bedroom carrying two steaming espressos. “Whoa,” he said. In a swift move he sat the cups on the side table and rolled across the bed. Grabbing her by the ankles he pulled her to him.

“Nick,” she giggled, “what are you doing? I’m cold and I want my robe.”

“And I want you,” he said as he brought her closer to his body, wrapping his arms around her from behind. “I’ll get ya warmed up, baby.” He rocked her downward until she lay flat against the mattress with him on top of her.

“Come on Nick,” her words muffled into the blanket. “I can’t be late for ballet rehearsal today. You know how Rudolf Nureyev is about time. He’s working my solo choreography today. I just can’t be late.”

“We’ve got time,” he said, pushing her long amber hair aside and kissing the back of her neck. "Valentine's Day is the day for lovin'."

She could never resist anything about him. She wriggled around and pushed him backward until she had turned over, still underneath him. 

Laying on top of her he scooted onto his elbows and stared at her face, smiling. Got a surprise for you tonight. Something special. He traced the thought across her mind.

Oh yeah? She sent back. Give me a hint, just a little one. She urged. 

"Ah, no. Not this time," he said aloud. "You just gotta wait for it Baby." 

His cute grin got her every time.  Entangling her fingers in his long wavy hair, she pulled him close and kissed him. “ I want you.” She said as her mouth touched his waiting lips.

God I love you Krista. He sent another thought to her.

"Happy Valentine's Day, my Nick." She pushed her body hard against his and then took him deep inside her...


So what does Nick have in store for Krista's Valentine gift? 


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Here we are heading straight into the heart of February and so close to the special Love day that all lovers and authors of romance like to celebrate. 

By this time I'd planned to have another Nick and Krista story out as they share their kind of Soul-Love on this special day too.

Since February was the time these two lovers came back together, and it is also Krista's Birthday month, I figured a story about their love would be good. 

But alas that didn't happen. Yet.

So instead I am going to share cool Nick and Krista excerpts that will show the kind of love I like to express with these two Soul-Love characters. 

Stay tuned for some groovy Valentine's Day love stuff from Nick and Krista!


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With the blush of the new year still upon us there are so many things to say and do, plan and be and especially to dream. This is always a time for awakening new thoughts and ideas about what we are and want to accomplish in the year ahead. 

So what are your dreams and plans? We all have them. How will you go about bringing your special dreams into reality this coming year?

For me there are many things that enter my thoughts and dreams right now. And finding a true direction and a way to take my life and go there is one of my pressing goals. It may sound generalized, but in truth there are just so many aspects for me to explore at the present that a view like this is best for me right now.

Still, I do have several special dreams I want to continue pursuing in the coming year. And one of them is, of course writing.

So what is your dream?


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This is a painting by Albert Moore, circa 1882 called The Dreamers.
It is such a favorite of mine. Just sharing a holiday memory from days past. My two best friends and I loved to say the three ethereal beauties in The Dreamers were the three of us, because we thought they looked like we did then. And rekindling that friendship is what I'm doing this holiday season.

Cat   Alyce   Kaye


Stay tuned for my special Christmas offering to everyone.

Coming tomorrow...




AH book link to Kindle

Almost Home Blurb

Boston, December 1966

They share a love so profound nothing can separate them…

Musician Nick Zelmenis is in love with ballet dancer Krista McBaine, has been since they were teens. They finally figure out how to share their love and stay together for keeps. But change always happens. When Nick’s band is offered a record deal they wonder if this will tear them apart. On top of that they must separate from each other before the holiday. Then Nick is caught in a raging snowstorm while traveling on his Yamaha trying to make it home. If that isn’t enough, he must tap his unused supernatural gifts, not sure of what the outcome may be. Will his psychic abilities help him find a way back to Krista or will they end up alone without each other on Christmas?


Check it out! It's cool it's sweet it's sensual sixties psychic retro reminisce. Groovy!

© copyright Kaye Manro 2016



I'm guest blogging at Liza's Multiverses today!
I'll be talking about creating the Soul-Love Series

Link Here




But on the other hand what about
(continued from previous post)

Let’s not forget that for several years the History Channel has aired the extremely popular show, Ancient Aliens. Investigators circle the globe in search of evidence in their quest to determine whether life on Earth began in outer space and if aliens influenced mankind in ancient times. 

Did extraterrestrial beings visit Earth and share information about technology and influence human religions? And more importantly, if aliens visited the planet before, will they return? Or could they still be secretly among us? Alien theorists believe that the answer to these questions is a resounding yes.

Personally I love a good alien tale. In several of my Science Fiction Romance stories, cultures are advanced enough to travel across the galaxies at FTL. Yet they aren't out to steal a planet’s resources, or overtake any worlds. 

In my SFR series, An Alien Presence, the aliens are on missions of exploration, finding new cultures that are ready for deep space travel, and mentoring them into the FTL space age. They only take a look at the ones that are actually on the cusp of deep space travel.

And so in one of my SFR stories {Forbidden Love} which is out of publication date and no longer available at this time, goes something like this: 

When an alien from an advanced culture ventures upon an Earth-like planet, his scanners tell him he has found a primitive warring culture that will not accept a peaceful alien encounter. His species is from an alliance of planets who believe in letting cultures develop on their own. So he can’t hit the orbital controls quick enough to leave. But something happens and his ship malfunctions so he crashes into the surface.
And so it goes... 

Good fodder for a SFR story, but that is just what this is, a story.

In the Soul-Love Series there are aspects of futuristic technology hidden beneath the surface of the story themes. Though Remember Him Yesterday and the second novel, Barefoot Dancer are more about the love between soulmates.

In the third book of the series, Distant Vision, alien contact is right out front. Alex, a soulful space pilot goes on a long reaching mission to find the woman he has loved from afar, and with whom he is in telepathic contact. Against the judgment and advice of the Council of Planets, he is determined to find the woman of his fitful dreams.

Read more about Alex and Ramie's story by Linking to the premise posts on this blog:  Here and Here  

The idea of alien contact is fascinating for sure. Least that's how I feel and why I enjoy writing these types of stories. 

Stay tuned for more on the Soul-Love Series, updated often.

Kaye Manro

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A few years ago physicist Stephen Hawking shook the scientific community with his views: That the human race could be devastated if aliens were to learn of our existence and venture to Earth, he warned.

But could, or would extraterrestrials really invade Earth?

Aliens have already viciously attacked our spacecraft, savagely kidnapped us, heartlessly conducted experiments on us, and mercilessly aimed their death-rays at us. But of course, all of these crimes have been committed only in our Science Fiction books and movies.

Other experts who, like Hawking, have devoted their careers to thoughtful exploration of the possibilities of alien contact say that we don't have anything to fear.

These scenarios play on our most primal human emotions of losing the resources we need to survive, among other fears, says Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

In reality, it isn't logical to think that aliens would want to do either of those things, he said. Anything that we have here, they could find where they live, If there was a resource found on Earth that did not exist on the aliens' home planet, there would certainly be easier ways to get or make the resource than coming here to ravage our planet, or other less evolved ones.

David Morrison, Director of Space at NASA-Ames Research Center said, Any communication that may occur would likely be in the form of radio waves sent from one civilization to another.

We're listening, Morrison said. And we can assume that any civilization that we receive a signal from is more advanced than we are.
Morrison doubts that an advanced alien civilization would come here to harm us in the first place. If a civilization can last for hundreds of thousands of years, it almost surely has solved the problems we have.

Even if aliens knew about us and could travel here they wouldn't be likely to send an army or the equipment needed to launch an attack on the Earth, says Science Fiction author, Jack McDevitt. Although contact between humans and aliens has been a key part of many of McDevitt's books, he doesn't think that it's likely to actually happen. Any civilization capable of this feat would not want to delegate its fighting force to the task, he said, We have bigger problems to worry about than aliens attacking, McDevitt added.

Are we still too primitive to be considered for advanced alien exploration? In other words, alien cultures advanced enough to travel across the galaxies stand beyond our comprehension, Morrison said. They don’t need us, probably wouldn’t even be interested in us, and most likely would never bother to come here in the first place. 

But on the other hand...

 Watch for the second part in this post called Ancient Aliens.  Including a look into the third Soul-Love book, Distant Vision.

Kaye Manro

Note: Portions of this post appeared on the SF blog a while back titled Aliens Among Us. It was rewritten now to include other info. It also seems fitting to re-post it at this time. 

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Again comes a hero and his heroine... 

And if I dance you will never stop creating your songs...

Stay tuned for more adventures and stories featuring Nick Zelmenis and the love of his life Krista McBaine. 

Coming Soon...

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