Everyone who knows me knows I write imaginative alien characters. But really, writing SF and SF Romance is so much more than creating alien characters.

The world building of an alien culture/character is the most important thing you can do. You really have to do your studying for this. For me it takes a lot of research. 

It's still fiction, but if I can't lace my stories with plausible scientific theories it just won't work for me. Now that's not to say I drone on and on about quantum physics. No way, that would bore even me.  But alien cultures can be very complex and difficult to execute. I do have to know what I'm trying to relate to a reader. Yet I also give myself lots of flexibility while creating imaginative possible worlds and realities. 

Take that awesome theory of traveling faster than light speed--one of my favorites by the way.

Think about this— from my understanding, in Star Trek, the characters travel at warp speed. (Warp 1,2 3 4, etc.) Technically the speed of light is approximately 186,282 miles per second. According to Star Trek, calculating warp speed goes by the warp-cubed method. (X^3) X to the third power. So warp-1 would be speed of light. Warp-2 would be 8 times the speed of light and so on. 

Fast yes, but did they ever even leave the Milky Way Galaxy? Remember that ST Voyager got lost in the Delta quadrant— still in our own galaxy. According to the Trek idea, our own galaxy is teaming with intelligent life. Thousands upon thousands of planets with advanced cultures. Science fiction, yes. But based on theories and technology we are verging on now. Still that's a lot of fodder for a writer's imagination!

Okay- moving on to FTL hyperspace and event horizons. Though traveling at FTL (faster than light) varies, speeds could actually reach billions of miles per second. Now we can travel to distant-- Galaxies. Find more life—as much as we know now about quantum physics—there are thousands of galaxies with billions of stars, millions of planets and possible advanced life and cultures. Kind of boggles the mind doesn’t it? 

Take the ancient starship in Stargate Universe (SGU) It is traveling at FTL. Faster than light speed – like millions of times faster or else they couldn’t be jumping past all those galaxies.

So in reality, we mere earthlings will have to master and amass so much technology and knowledge before we can even explore our own galaxy, much less others. Well hey, that’s why I love Science Fiction. It lets me live outside the normal realm of present day knowledge and reality as we know it. And I can create imagined worlds, aliens and cultures that could possibly exist somewhere out there.

And those sexy encounters between alien characters from totally different evolutionary backgrounds? I love exploring how they would interact and relate to each other. 

So what is your take? Do you like to watch read or write SF/R? If so, what level of technology do you like to see? Do you like aliens that are very different from us?

Kaye Manro

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Distant Vision 
{original premise}

Alex and Ramie

You hear her calling from across the distance between you. See a vision of her in total darkness and danger.

What would you do if you knew your true love mate was in impending danger? You would move so called heaven and hell to get to her, help her, save her. The problem is you live light years away from her and she doesn’t even know your world exists. 

What would you do then?

For Alex of the Light Power the distance between them isn‘t as far as it seems. His people have mastered advanced quantum FTL the power of faster-than-light speed energies. The difficulty is  in convincing the alliance to let him go, because on her world how to use the quantum hasn’t been discovered yet…

Planets of the Light Power Alliance

Now this is the real SFR I'm talking about!

Stay tuned for excerpts coming soon


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Found this vintage book in a bookstore the other day. It is such a classic SFR -- from the sixties. And since Anne McCaffrey shared my birthday of April 1st it is very serendipitous. This is also the book Bella gave Krista on her 18th birthday in Remember Him Yesterday. How cool that I actually found it.

Kaye Manro



Kaye Manro

Back Bay, Boston 1966

“…I’ll send all my lovin’ to you… all my lovin’ I will send to you..”

Krista McBaine woke to the sound of Nick’s strong tenor voice singing along with a Beetle’s song on the radio.

She smiled. “I love you, Nick Zelmenis.” She called to him and pushed the covers off her naked body. Setting up she stretched her long arms overhead. The bedroom in their Brownstone flat was far too cold and the chill of the room made her shiver.

“What’d ya say, baby?” he called back to her from the kitchen where he was preparing their morning espresso.  

 “You know what I said,” knowing he could read her thoughts and every word if he wanted to do it. They had a distinct telepathic connection and she loved every minute of it.

Feeling a cool rush of air from the not very insulated window beside the bed, she crawled on hands and knees toward the bottom to fetch her warm winter robe. It was a freezing early March, no more than 15 degrees outside and it felt like 45 inside.

Just about then, Nick entered the bedroom carrying two steaming espressos. “Whoa,” he said. In a swift move he sat the cups on the side table and rolled across the bed. Grabbing her by the ankles he pulled her to him.

“Nick,” she giggled, “what are you doing? I’m cold and I want my robe.”

“And I want you,” he said as he brought her closer to his body, wrapping his arms around her from behind. “I’ll get ya warmed up, baby.” He rocked her downward until she lay flat against the mattress with him on top of her.

“Come on Nick,” her words muffled into the blanket. “I can’t be late for ballet rehearsal today. You know how Rudolf Nureyev is about time. He’s working my solo choreography today. I just can’t be late.”

“We’ve got time,” he said, pushing her long amber hair aside and kissing the back of her neck.

She could never resist anything about him. She wriggled around and pushed him backward until she had turned over, still underneath him.

Laying on top of her he scooted onto his elbows and stared at her face, smiling.

His cute grin got her every time. Entangling her fingers in his long wavy hair, she pulled him close and kissed him. “ I want you too.” She said as her mouth touched his sensual lips.

 God I love you Krista. He sent a thought to her.

Love you more, she sent back…


 Nick sat on the flowered settee in the living room of their flat strumming on his acoustic guitar while he waited for Krista to get ready for the dance studio. “Hey baby, you need a ride on the YD3 today?”

He glanced up as she came out of the bedroom, her dance bag flung over her shoulder.

Bella’s got classes at Boston College and said I could catch a ride with her since she goes right past the Conservatory.”  

“Groovy,” he said and continued playing his guitar.

She went over to the settee, bent down and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. “Whatcha working on?” she asked.

 “Just a little song that came to me in the night.”

“Oh? What is it? A new protest song?”

“Hmm, not this time,” he said and grinned at her.

“Okay, so what is it? She prodded. Her curiosity piqued. She loved hearing him create new songs and wished she could stick around today and watch him work.

He stretched his head and twisted around to look out the bay widow which was situated right behind the settee. “Isn’t that Bella out front?” he said. “You best be going, girl.”

“Okay,” she said. But I want to be the first to hear that song when it’s done. Deal?”

He gave her a raised eyebrow. “Have a groovy time dancing today. Oh, he added. “And if you run into Franklin at the C, tell him to stop by later, will ya?”

“Sure,” she said and headed to the front door. If Nick wanted Franklin Bass and his keyboards involved, must be a far out serious song he was writing…

~ Dancer Girl ~ 
Nick's new song lyrics for Krista coming soon...

Remember Him Yesterday will be here in the future...

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Inside my books I sometimes like to write with aspects of time travel or alternate realities as part of the theme or background. Some scientific theories say that ‘time flows like liquid gravity’, and that all time is happening at the same time. Concepts to ponder. 

In the Knight Series, there is a tangible teleport device and a portal that takes characters into other timelines. Fiction for sure, but based on scientific theory.
More on this coming later. But for now I’d like to step inside my own time and see what I see there.  

Living Inside Time

This is often one of those mysteries that seem to get away from us. We’ve all heard that time flies, and turn around and it’s gone. So it is with me these days as I look back over the past year and then further back still. Things happened that I never thought would. And as I look at my life years past, I say, where did all the time go? And why did I let my life stay a certain way for so many years? The answers are not clearly defined or readily available to see. But I do know this, if I look deeper I look, it has to do with unconscious acceptance and even complacency on my part.

Yet to clarify, that does not include this past year, or most of it anyway. This has been a bang on bang up down up different kind of year, and one I never expected. But here it is. But that isn’t what I am speaking of now.

Right now, as I clean out old stuff from my environment, it is a time to take a look back over the years and understand who I am, why I did or didn’t do certain things. Why I am the way I am—a time for clearing out and looking inside. Although this past year has brought many changes inside me, and much to the surface, I know there is more to see and feel and do for me.  

And the fact still remains my personal space and environment hasn’t really changed much at all in several years. So it is surely time for revaluations and moving on in that area as well. So goes all the cleaning and clearing out of my personal tangle things, like closets, clothes, kept items and things just stuffed away because I didn’t know what to do with them at the time and don’t even remember why I kept them. 

So it goes with my life.

A letting go process for sure.

Kaye Manro

More on the Knight Series coming soon.

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"I was a dancer once. But I don't know what I am or who I am anymore. I don't even know what is happening to me or where l will end up from here."
Kim Wills says to Michael Pasquoee
in Barefoot Dancer, second book in the Soul-Love Series.

Spoiler Alert:

The interesting thing about this story-- Kim is a descendant of Nick and Krista. And she is certainly dealing with her own unique set of problems in Barefoot Dancer. When she first meets Michael Pasquoee in a far north quaint little fishing village where he lives, she doesn't know how to take him. But soon their attraction for each other wins out over even the worst of circumstances...

More on their unique SFR Soul-Love story sometime in the near future. 




More Science Fiction Romance coming soon from me. As well as all new articles on Science and SF. Stay tuned here for info on upcoming books and stories too. Also don't miss my brand new 'About Me' on the sidebar with updated info and a new photo of -- you got it -- Me, Kaye!

See you soon SFR lovers!

Kaye Manro




July 22, 2016




Here is the link to my new book on Amazon Kindle

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Remember Him Yesterday

Nick and Krista ~ been away too long.

After posting RHY Nick and Krista ten months live yesterday 15th April on Soul Love blog, I have been thinking. I really do miss writing their story. I loved the energy surrounding them, their lifestyle, the time period, and just the way they are.

It seems though that Nick and Krista became such a good place for me to focus. And I think it still is. Other writing is good too, but these characters came from my heart. And when I get into their life and space, it brings me to a happier better place inside me.

So here's to seeing Nick and Krista come alive the way they should in the near to me future.

Creating. If I just didn't have so many stories floating around in my head! Maybe I could capture these and get them out. Some are finished and need a rewrite. Others are in stages of finishing, others are floating inside my head still. A goal is to take them out and get them done.

It would be amazing to create our life just the way we want it, like we can create stories wouldn't it. Here's the original short premise for RHY:

Remember Him Yesterday

Musician Nick and dancer Krista fall in love amid tumultuous times in 1960's Boston. Their soul love ebbs and flows as they experience the offerings of the counter-culture. Yet unknown forces are destined to pull them apart and away from each other. They become lost in different worlds left bewildered and searching

see you inside my books!
(only part of this post over from Soul Love blog)


Distant Vision ~ Alex of the Light Power

Distant Vision

Set up: Alex takes a high orbit around Ramie’s planet in his FTL spacecraft. He prepares a force field around him as he rides on the surface of a transport that is called lightning bolt to the planet below. Details in the opening clarify the SF features. And how Alex ends up in the predicament he does.  

Excerpt Chapter Two: Alex of the Light Power

Riding his Lightning Bolt headlong through a Dimensional Rift Alex surfed the stellar winds near the world which was below him and was his destination. He felt his body shifting and moaning under the pressure of a large whirlpool of debris floating above the planet. It hit him without warning.

Pulling in, he contorted and tightened his body against the edge of the Bolt, and turned toward the expanding energy. The Bolt which was designed to disintegrate upon landing, hit the planet’s atmosphere hard. Alex lost his footing and damn near caused the force field surrounding him to collapse. But he managed to regain his position and push the field back on full. His objective was straight ahead.

He hit the ground with a dizzying jolt as he tumbled across the dirt. Trying to break the impact, he threw himself into a large dirty green object that lay just ahead of him. His body slammed into it hard and everything went black.

When he woke his head pounded and every inch of his skin stung with unfamiliar pain. Thinking clearly eluded him. He peered around through blurred eyes. A faint flash of memory surfaced in which he beheld the greatest of Powers, but vanished as quickly as it had risen.

He felt small and insignificant in the midst of the gritty noise and strange surroundings. An acrid smoke-like substance hung in the air above his head causing his throat to burn, and tall structures jutted up from a dank nightmare glow.

A putrid smelling man with a whiskered face stood nearby slouching against a granular wall as he stared blankly into the hot murky night.

Sensing despair torturing the atmosphere Alex’s heart swelled into an odd sadness. He had no idea where he was and for that matter, who he was. He moved in an attempt to stand but his body rolled and fell backward onto the trash-strewn pavement. Confusion filling his brain.

The man turned slightly and seemed to notice him at last. Grunting, Alex pushed to sit up. His ragged voice came out in a low rumble, 
“Where am I?”

“Why? Don’t you know? You’re in hell, boy.” The man sneered as he turned and staggered away.

Finally managing to get to his feet, Alex followed the foul-smelling man. “What do you mean--is Hell the name of this place?”

The man threw his head back and laughed, but kept on walking. Alex caught up with him. With a sudden burst of strength, he trapped the man’s arm in a demanding grip. “I would know what place this is.”

The man tried to wrestle free but Alex held him firm. He faltered as he watched Alex through wild eyes. “Y-You’re in the dregs of the city of angels, boy. Los Angeles. Humph, angels all right.” 
Alex loosened his grasp. The man jerked and started running aimlessly, mumbling something about angels not giving a damn.

Alex exhaled a sigh and rubbed his aching head as he peered through the haze. In the distance, gigantic letters fraught with colored light shone bright. Squinting, he used an innate ability he didn’t know he had until now and read the word, “Hollywood.”

He wandered around the littered streets in a state of forgetfulness, as the muggy night turned to a hazy morning. Restless, with an unknown emptiness in his belly he sank down against a wall and ate of meager findings.

Then he saw a thing that caused an unnatural excitement to give rise within him. Protruding out from one of the trash bins in which he hunted for discarded foodstuffs sat a narrow board with wheels on either end. Cracked as it was down the middle and discarded as useless.

Alex picked it from the trash and with a calm focus he didn’t remember having, he fixed it. He wasn’t at all sure how he did it, but as he ran his hand down the fractured board, he felt it tighten and smooth beneath his touch. He tested it out. Placed it on the sidewalk and moved it forward and back with his foot. It felt sturdy under his weight. He easily mastered the skill of riding the thing and could move about the streets with more freedom.

Anguish grew strong inside him and with it came a distressing foreign kind of bitterness. He sensed and absorbed his surroundings, becoming part of the turmoil that existed here.

Yet something deeper told him this was not his home. Search as he may, the memory of his identity escaped him. “Not part of this place, I’m not part of this place,” he chanted repeatedly, more times than he could count.

Riding his newly found board swerving in and out between the others on the street, he heard tell of a location called “shelter” where one could find things like fresh food and sleeping quarters. He listened closely to the talk on the street, learning the vicinity of this shelter and went there. It truly contained fresh food and water and beds…


Soon Alex will meet Ramie. Even though he gets bits and pieces of his life before, it still takes a lot of story before he finally knows who he truly is. That's it for now.



Gypsy Dancer ~ Beggar's Game

he saw first in a beggar's game
her heart was heavy but her eyes were light...

Here is a cool story idea that I'm working on. 

Gypsy Dancer ~ Beggar’s Game

In the traditional sense a gypsy dancer was part of the nomad Romani people in the mid 1800’s. They had dark hair and skin and were beautiful. (no blonde dancers here! Okay, I can fix that.) As it goes Romani people had no real home and would travel around from place to place, sharing music and sometime card reading and other psychic things to make ends meet.

The Dancers were the young women who would entice men to throw coins as they danced around in sometimes, yes, seductive ways. But not always. Many of the young gypsy dancers didn’t like doing what they were forced to do. But had to dance and at times do other things for money. The caravan stayed on the outskirts of various towns where they would set up their camps, and open their wares to the public.

In my idea for a short story and/or stage dance, Gypsy Dancer, Essie is a beautiful dancer who is reluctant to do what she is being forced to do. That is dance for men to gain money. So as you see her, she has a rather sad look about her, yet she also has that sensual appeal men love. Note: This is no stripper or belly dance stuff, this is real dance based on the traditional folk lore of the gypsy lifestyle.

Story Opening: Beggar’s Game

Mid 1800’s

When Jeffery, a young man of means, chances upon the Gypsy Caravan camping in a clearing on the outer side of his property he is not happy and intends to tell them they must leave at once. But then he sees her. And when she begins her Gypsy Dance to the Romani music being played, he is mesmerized. She is beautiful, enticing. And he can’t take his eyes from her. In truth he has never wanted to bed a woman as much as he did her.

As she dances around in a circle she stops directly in front of him. Her sensual movements and come on looks almost do him in. But when their eyes meet, he senses something about her. Something not right about what she is doing. What is it? He feels that she is trying to tell him something. But what?


Okay, what will happen between Essie and Jeffery? She does entice him to bed her for payment of the gold watch he carries. But what will happen next? Will Jeffery kick the whole bunch off his property and be done with it? Or will he fall in love with Essie and try to save her from a life she doesn’t want or deserve? We shall see.

Stay tuned for the conclusion to Beggar’s Game as it is written. Probably tomorrow...



~ Knightly Love ~

Knight Medieval ~ The Pre-Story

Is this anything like courtly love? Not exactly. Sci Fi Rom is a place I really like to be. It is one of my fave elements. Been away too long. But I'm back to share one of my time travel Knight pre-story ideas that I left on hold a long while back... 

I love the idea of time travel and the 12th century is one place I envision as my best place to be if I were living in that time period. 

That's where characters, Alisa and Bryan meet and fall in love from the book, Knight Medieval. But how did they meet? How did they first encounter each other?

The follow is how the two first came together.

Alisa Vonn is a present day archaeologist working deep inside the ruins of Calimere Castle. As she carefully scrapes through the dirt and strata, she uncovers a small odd object that certainly doesn't belong in the ruins of a 12th century castle. In fact she can't figure out where it would belong. She examines it, touching its odd keypad and suddenly she is thrown into a whirlwind of swirling energy, which knocks her out. 

When she awakens, she finds she is inside what appears to be a catacomb of some kind. So she goes to explore. What she finds astounds her. She discovers that the dig she worked beneath the castle ruins is not a ruins at all, but is actually beneath an intact 12th century castle...

What will happen when Sir Bryan, Knight of Calimere, while on night watch, finds this scantily attired woman hiding beneath the castle proper?

Stay tuned to find out more...

who is back with Medieval Time Travel fun! Yes! Keep watching.


Almost Home ~ Nick and Krista Christmas

Almost Home ~ Nick and Krista Christmas, my new Christmas story from the Soul-Love Series released on Amazon Kindle on December 23. Almost Home features characters, Nick and Krista, from Remember Him Yesterday, my full length book releasing in late 2016.  To find out more about what Soul-Love is visit my Website. 


Almost Home ~ Nick and Krista Christmas

It is unseasonably warm for mid-December as musician Nick Zelmenis and the love of his life, ballet dancer Krista McBaine shop for a Christmas tree. They take time to share their special Soul-Love and to spend quality time together before Nick maps out a trip to Ohio on his Yamaha. He is going to visit his ageing grandmother for several days. Krista will visit her parents in Vermont at the same time. The two plan to be back in Boston and share Christmas Eve with each other and with a few close friends. But things never go as planned. The unpredictable changing winter weather causes major problems. Nick must reluctantly tap into his psychic abilities so he can try to get back home to Krista before a mammoth snowstorm hits Boston and the entire northeast with a vengeance.

See you inside my books!

Kaye Manro

© copyright Kaye Manro 2015


Possible Giant Alien Structures ~ Could This be Real?

Artist's concept shows NASA's planet-hunting Kepler
spacecraft operating in a new mission profile called K2

Now this is what I'm talking about!
This is the exiting stuff SF is made from. And guess what, it's getting close to reality. How cool is this. Read on:  

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope is tasked with finding small, rocky worlds orbiting distant stars. 

However, exoplanets aren’t the only thing Kepler can detect — stellar flares, star spots and dusty planetary rings can also pop up in the mission's observations.

But the space telescope may have the ability to detect more than natural phenomena. Kepler may also detect the signature of artificial structures orbiting other stars, if they're out there. Imagine an advanced civilization which has the ability to harness energy directly from its star. This alien civilization may want to construct vast mega-structures, like supersized solar arrays in orbit around their host star that could be so big that they blot out a sizable fraction of starlight as they pass in front.

When Kepler detects an exoplanet, it does so by sensing the very slight dip in starlight from a given star. Kepler detects the slight dimming of starlight and creates a "lightcurve" — basically a graph charting the dip over time. Much information can be gleaned from the lightcurve, such as the physical size of the transiting exoplanet. But it can also deduce the exoplanet’s shape.

For the most part, any dip in star brightness is some kind of natural phenomenon. But what if all possibilities are accounted for and only one scenario is left? What if that scenario is this object appears to be artificial? In other words, what if it’s alien?

A star, named KIC 8462852, has been found with a highly curious transit signal. In a paper submitted to the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, astronomers report: "Over the duration of the Kepler mission, KIC 8462852 was observed to undergo irregularly shaped, aperiodic dips in flux down to below the 20 percent level."

The research paper is thorough, describing the phenomenon, pointing out tha846t this star is unique - they've seen nothing like it. Kepler has collected data steadily for four years. It's not instrumental error. Kepler isn't seeing things; the signal is real.

The Planet Hunters volunteers are depended on to seek out transits in Kepler's stars in the direction of the constellation Cygnus. The group described KIC 8462852 as "bizarre," "interesting" and a "giant transit." They're not wrong.

Follow-up studies focus on two interesting transit events at KIC 8462852, one that was detected between days 788 and 795 of the Kepler mission and between days 1510 to 1570. The first event appears to have been a single transit causing a star brightness drop-off of 15 percent, whereas the second was a burst of several transits, possibly indicating a clump of different objects, forcing a brightness dip of up to 22 percent. To cause such dips in brightness, these transiting objects must be huge.

The researchers also investigated the possibility of a huge planetary collision: could the debris from this smashup be creating this strange signal? The likelihood of us seeing a planetary collision is extremely low. The only natural explanation favored by the researchers seems to focus on an intervening clump of exocomets. "One way we imagine such a barrage of comets could be triggered is by the passage of a field star through the system," write the researchers.

A second paper is currently being written to investigate a completely different transit scenario that focuses around the possibility of a mega-engineering project created by an advanced alien civilization

This may sound like science fiction, but our galaxy has existed for over 13 billion years, it's not such a stretch of the imagination to think that an alien civilization may be out there and evolved to the point where they can build mega-structures around stars.

And hunting down huge structures that obscure the light from stars is no new thing. The Search for Extraterrestrial Technology (SETT) is one such project that does just this. 

But as KIC 8462852 is showing us, there may be something else out there — possibly an alien intelligence that is well on its way to becoming a civilization, which is setting up some kind of artificial structure around its star.

Of course, these mystery transit events are nowhere near "proof" of an alien civilization. In fact, it's barely evidence and a lot more work needs to be done.

The next step is to point a radio antenna at KIC 8462852, just to see whether the system is generating any artificial radio signals that could indicate the presence of something we'd define as "intelligent."

It might be a long shot, and the phenomenon is more likely a clump of comets or some other natural phenomenon that we haven't accounted for blocking star light from view, but it’s worth investigating, especially if there really is some kind of alien intelligence building structures, or perhaps, ancient structures of a civilization long-gone, around a star only 1,500 light-years away from Earth.

This kind of stuff makes me really miss all that research I use to do for SFR stories... Wow! It sure does take me back to my love of anything scientifically space oriented, SF for sure. The ideas kind of remind me of Stargate Universe. (SGU)

See you inside a new alien culture! 



Sex, Love or Both?

Have you ever thought about our society and why we like the kinds of entertainment we do? I'm not necessarily talking about SFR or SF but love/sex scenes in romance in general. And a little about our penchant for yeah, all things sexual. And true, how we as authors write the scenes into our books as well...

Slide on over to the Soul-Love blog and read the post, 

Love Scenes ~ Is It All About Sex? HERE

Tell me your ideas and what you think. I'm sharing where I am at this moment in time as an author. Keep in mind we creators of fiction are a fickle bunch when it comes to discovery and work. And we are subject to change! 

See you on the Soul-Love blog, 



How Much Tech Is Too Much In Time Travel SFR?

There are numerous things that need to be done on this blog. And it needs me focused here to update my friends on what is happening with my straight up SFR stories. (which have nothing to do with my continued fondness for the new Soul-Love Series)

First up, when I fell out of my direction and into the abyss of life, I was working on a killer time travel series set partially in the 12th century. One of these stories actually tied for a 1st place award for best SFR story and blurb.

A few days ago, I pulled up the not quite finished time travel series and even amazed myself with the detail, the settings, the background, the actually believable scientific way time travel happened between the 23rd century and the 12th century in the first book. And more. Basically the stories center around stopping those from changing or destroying timelines and putting things back the way they should be. Hardly ever can happen though, according to theory.

Coined first by H.G. Wells in his iconic story, The Time Machine, we have been fascinated with the subject ever since. TV shows and movies picked it up and featured it in series like Star Trek and Stargate. But what is time travel and the scientific theories surrounding it? 

Just to touch a little on the current theories about time travel, once a line is disrupted, it is never the same, what is set in motion is ripples, which will continue but on a different track (here we go with string theory) but not the same as before. These ideas can get really complicated. I am pretty much a stickler for keeping to the research as well as can be.

But if you are going to have that all important R in the SF you have to take a few liberties with science. So if my hero knight from the 12th century and my time travelling heroine from the future happen to fall in love, well, that has got to change things like timelines and such.

I will add here that my heroine in this story didn't just get thrust back into the past by some unknown vague thing, which is the usual way it happens in time travel romance. She is a scientist whose job is keeping timelines in tact. While working, she gets trapped in the 12th century trying to stop a bad guy who is mucking up various timelines. That's not to say that my 12th century medieval research wasn't just as in-depth.

Okay she does get involved with that sexy hero knight, but against her better judgement. She just can't stop her primitive attraction from emerging. And in her defense, she is trying to protect the hero's way of life when it happens. There is a bunch of SF in this story. Including the use of, let's see, Laser Blasters? 

So the bad guys who don't care about keeping the timeline safe start the battle using futuristic weapons, So yeah, she has to fight back, you know. And how can she do that unless she can level the playing field? But this is romance after all. Thus the SFR tag for Science Fiction Romance. Still its kind of a fun SF adventure too. 

I remember how much I enjoyed working on it, writing it, doing the research and making sure it flowed the way it should. The first two stories, yet to be published, are ready for working and not too far from finished. They need lots of edits, rewrites and layering, as well as insightful input from critique partners. In my opinion, crit partners are an author's saving grace. They can spot things you can miss and help flush out plot holes, areas that don't work and give you ideas to make the story better.

Thoughts to ponder:

With all this said, the question is, can I work on two distinctly separate focuses at the same time? Lots of writers do. But I'm not other writers. I tend to give my complete undivided focus to one project at a time. And then there is all the promoting of a new series, etc. I don't even know if I can convey how much I love soul-love and my characters Nick and Krista. They are a part of me like no other characters before, and in ways hard to imagine. And keep in mind too that Remember Him Yesterday (Nick and Krista) is a romance that also has SF elements.

But still, working a little on the time travel may not be a bad idea after all...