by Kaye Manro

Reha’s Review Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts)

From the beginning, I could feel the love between Nick Zelmenis and Krista McBaine. I was drawn into their unique world in 1966 Boston as the story unfolded. Nick is a musician with uncanny psychic abilities and Krista is a classical dancer studying at a Conservatory. His rock band is playing at a Halloween themed gig and he convinces Krista and her friend to costume up and dance while the band performs on stage. It is refreshing to see the interaction between the two of them and how the events that unfold reveal the depth of their love. Nick and Krista share the ‘ultimate wireless connection.' They have a unique telepathic bond, no cell phones or text messages needed. The secondary characters lend to the authenticity and help round out the story well.

In the 1960’s you were lucky if you had a TV in your home and payphones were the norm. Walkie-Talkies were around but even the best ones only had a range of a few miles. This is evident in the story when Nick tries to contact a bandmate using a walkie-talkie during a tense situation.

This short love story engaged me, I enjoyed it and I recommend it. But I would like to see this Soul-Love idea expanded and these characters explored further by the author.

Reviewed by Reha Wilkie

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