AGAIN HOPE ~ Coming Soon ~



Back Bay, Boston, 1967

The soul-love continues to grow and deepen between rock musician Nick Zelmenis and ballet dancer Krista McBaine. But now they are faced with other difficult obstacles to overcome.

Nick is busy repairing his motorcycle after the horrendous winter storms. And he is dealing with a recording contract which contains a controversial twist. As his psychic abilities become stronger, Nick discovers more about himself and his real identity.

Krista is in rehearsal preparing for one of the biggest dance events of the year. Although she can’t see it or feel it yet, something is wrong. Nick senses things are not quite right with her even though Krista insists she is fine. He connects with his innate psychic abilities to find out. This time it isn’t enough.

She becomes seriously ill and modern medicine fails to cure her. He must delve far into his expanded supernatural gift to find an answer. But can Nick discover how to save Krista in time?

© copyright Kaye Manro 2017

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