How I write the Soul-Love Series

It always starts with a visual, and then expands into a movie inside my head…

Every author is different in their approach to creating a story. Yet we all have similar aspects to our process, such as finding our characters, settings, and other things. I was thinking about this as I work on creating the third book in the Soul-Love series, AGAIN HOPE.

As this series unfolds the stories become more intense. Main character Nick Zelmenis gets deeper into learning who he is, and what he intends to do with his discovery. This particular story is more focused on Nick, because his character warrants a deeper look.   

In sharing my creative process, I will say this, depending on the story or genre I am writing at the time this process may differ. But for me it always starts with a visual, and then expands into a movie inside my head. I see the characters as their lives unfold and watch as things happen to them.

I get inside their life, experience, and emotions, in a slow-motion view as I watch the story develop. This goes on for a while before I even put pen to paper or fingers on keys. And continues throughout as I write it. Although I may jot down several ideas or a few scenes along the way in One Note, or in a paper notebook.

But no matter what I am seeing in that creative movie, at some point I need to do the research. I admit this can also develop more as I do the actual writing. In the case of this series, there was the 1960s-time period to research, and the music/preforming arts of the era as well. Along with things dealing with psychic abilities and even quantum physics. Yeah. Because these are all important aspects.

Writing time period is a task in and of itself. But truly, these characters just won’t let go until I tell their stories. When I first started seeing this series, I had a longer length novel in mind, and the overall story lends well to that. But I wanted to pull slices of the life of characters Nick and Krista outward. So, I found them at Halloween and Christmas to see what they were doing.

Thus, ALL HALLOWS EVER and ALMOST HOME were born. The third story is not connected to a holiday but takes place in late spring, as Nick realizes there is something wrong with Krista. At the same time, he must deal with the waning of his reluctantly held psychic abilities, and why.   

As I move forward with AGAIN HOPE, I am discovering more about characters, Nick and Krista and the undying love they share. Book four of the Soul-Love series is already on the horizon, but that’s an idea for another day.

Suffice it to say these stories will continue. AGAIN HOPE will release in late spring. Watch for it!


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