Christmas morning, 1966 Boston. The day after the horrendous snowstorm that hit the northeast with unrelenting force. It had left Nick with a hard decision to make about using his psi powers if he wanted to get back to Krista for Christmas Eve.

Now home, Nick stood by the window in their flat looking out at the deep snow drifts covering everything. Lost in thought he wondered how his world would change in the coming new year, possibly in ways he did not want…

“So, what should we do for New Year’s Eve?” Krista, nestled under the covers, interrupted his reverie. She rolled over and leaned her head on her hand as she watched him.

He stared at the love of his life and smiled. Sauntering toward the bed, he sat down beside her. “What do ya have in mind, baby?”
“Hmm, let’s see—after digging our way out of here, with no electric 

and only candles for light,” she reached across the bed and grabbed his arm, “I don’t know, thought we might just stay in bed ‘til after the first.” She giggled. “How’s that sound?”
“I was thinkin’ the same thing.” He scooted close to her and traced a finger across her face.

“Nick?” She questioned. “Are you okay? You seem preoccupied.”
He inhaled and tossed his head back. “Just tired I guess.”

“Nick?” She scrunched her eyebrows.
“Come here, baby. Let me hold you close…”

She smiled at that, and snuggled her body against his. “The new song you sang to me last night…”

“For you,” he added. “And I meant every word. You got that?”
Nick was good at skirting issues and shielding her from truths. He didn’t want to fill her with trepidation over what the hell he’d had to do to get home to her…

© copyright Kaye Manro 2017

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