So what was the BOSTON SOUND and how did it effect my Soul-Love stories which are set in the mid 1960s?

The main character Nick Zelmemis and his rock band from the books ALL HALLOWS EVER and ALMOST HOME are part of the BOSTON SOUND. 

This particular rock music scene was a real movement popular in the mid to late 1960’s. Promoters sought out area bands with a specific style and progressive sound. They looked for original songs, strong vocals, a high level of synthesized keyboards, powerful guitar work and a driving beat.

These bands were signed often by record companies. Some made it nationally, many didn't. Still the Boston sixties rock music surge paved the way for later bands from the area such as Aerosmith, Boston (the band), and others who came along in the seventies.

In an excerpt from a interview at the end of ALL HALLOWS EVER, I asked Nick Zelmenis, who was so much a part of that sixties rock scene, if he thought his band fit what the promoters want. His band recently came from the barely scraping by bar circuit when they were discovered. 

This is what Nick said: 

“...Well yeah. But I think the biggest thing that impressed the BOSTON SOUND guys was the undertone of Franklin’s synthesizer and maybe some of the songs I write and sing. But I know for sure it was the far out way our band just jells, ya know.” 

Read about Soul-Love characters, Nick and Krista, and their life during the 1960s. 

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