Predawn Feelings

It's all a matter of perception...

I awoke this morning to the darkness of a winter day. It was strange because I wasn’t sure the exact time, since by the look of the sky, it seemed to be predawn. But it wasn’t. I’m not great with northeast winters—all the cold and snow with bone-chilling winds. But I dislike the short days the most.

The dark days. Sometimes there is sunlight, sure. But there are many days of snow, cold and heavy cloud cover with an impending predawn feel. On the bright side if you utilize the way you feel to create and write, then winter can be good.

I'm reminded of something I’ve been working on. The feelings, the atmosphere-- I'm discovering a new planet for a Sci-Fi story. So in essence, the feelings this predawn day evoked is an asset for drumming up the exact mood I need to get this planet in orbit.

The colors of cold blueness came to mind. A distant sun, bluish tinges and a perpetual predawn atmosphere. More on the developing planet and the story that goes with it later...

As I sipped morning coffee and pondered about moods and such,  I wondered about this lack of sun thing.  Here are a few thought provoking questions for you:

Do you feel more blue and moody in the winter when the days are short and the sun is less prevalent? Does this affect your writing or creative flow and in what way? Which time of year sparks your creativity the most? And last, does the changing seasons spark different moods for certain work?

Okay, so there you have my thoughts for the day. I'd love to hear how you feel.



Shelley Munro said...

My favorite time of the year is spring with all the promise in the air and the lengthening days. Winter with its short days - not so much.

My personal slogan is "Just do it". I stole it from Nike, but it works for me. I write a set number of words each day even if I don't feel in the mood. At present it's really hot and humid here in NZ and I'm finding it difficult to sit still. My words still get done. Most likely they won't be brilliant but I can fix them later.

Did you have a gorgeous full moon this week? We did. The night before last the reflection of the sunset surrounded the moon with pink and purple. I'd never seen that before. It was beautiful.

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Shelley! No, I couldn't see the moon-- too much cloud cover. But just hearing you tell of it, I can see it. Yes, interesting-- you guys are hot and we are freezing, lol.
You are so diciplined. And I so admire that. Of course it's a great way to produce work. 'Just do it' great words to follow.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Kaye,

Unfortunately, my lack of writing has nothing to do with the weather. Rather it's my crazed children going wild. I do enjoy writing during the summer. I'm not sure why.

The bad thing with me is if I write when I'm not "feeling it," and my crit partners almost always call me out on it when they get the final MS. So if I'm not in the scene, I'll usually give myself a day or two to go back to the project and work on something else. ;)

Melisse Aires said...

The high desert of Wyoming is frigid, dry and windy. Seems like I am battling asthma constantly, which is tiring. I am more productive in the spring and summer.

I'm editing a SFR novella and have another SFR novella to edit when this one is done but haven't been very productive this month. Hubby is finally doing better--working full time this week-- so things are calming down and becoming normal again, which can only help.

Kaye Manro said...

Thanks for sharing Jaime. I can understand that. I have to be 'feeling it' too or my writing seems forced.

Melisse I'm glad to see your working on a couple of SFR books. And it's good to hear things are getting back to normal now.

Linda Banche said...

I dislike the winter lack of light the most. I wake up in the dark, and by 5PM, it's the middle of the night. My favorite season is autumn because of the trees changing color. Even though the days are getting shorter.

Kaye Manro said...

I am right there with you, Linda. The dark to dark days are not my favorites. I'm a summer girl myself. I love those long days.

Kat said...

Winter is my favorite season. It's summer that gets me down. I like the cold, not the heat.