Inside my books I sometimes like to write with aspects of time travel or alternate realities as part of the theme or background. Some scientific theories say that ‘time flows like liquid gravity’, and that all time is happening at the same time. Concepts to ponder. 

In the Knight Series, there is a tangible teleport device and a portal that takes characters into other timelines. Fiction for sure, but based on scientific theory.
More on this coming later. But for now I’d like to step inside my own time and see what I see there.  

Living Inside Time

This is often one of those mysteries that seem to get away from us. We’ve all heard that time flies, and turn around and it’s gone. So it is with me these days as I look back over the past year and then further back still. Things happened that I never thought would. And as I look at my life years past, I say, where did all the time go? And why did I let my life stay a certain way for so many years? The answers are not clearly defined or readily available to see. But I do know this, if I look deeper I look, it has to do with unconscious acceptance and even complacency on my part.

Yet to clarify, that does not include this past year, or most of it anyway. This has been a bang on bang up down up different kind of year, and one I never expected. But here it is. But that isn’t what I am speaking of now.

Right now, as I clean out old stuff from my environment, it is a time to take a look back over the years and understand who I am, why I did or didn’t do certain things. Why I am the way I am—a time for clearing out and looking inside. Although this past year has brought many changes inside me, and much to the surface, I know there is more to see and feel and do for me.  

And the fact still remains my personal space and environment hasn’t really changed much at all in several years. So it is surely time for revaluations and moving on in that area as well. So goes all the cleaning and clearing out of my personal tangle things, like closets, clothes, kept items and things just stuffed away because I didn’t know what to do with them at the time and don’t even remember why I kept them. 

So it goes with my life.

A letting go process for sure.

Kaye Manro

More on the Knight Series coming soon.

© copyright Kaye Manro 2016

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