Gypsy Dancer ~ Beggar's Game

he saw first in a beggar's game
her heart was heavy but her eyes were light...

Here is a cool story idea that I'm working on. 

Gypsy Dancer ~ Beggar’s Game

In the traditional sense a gypsy dancer was part of the nomad Romani people in the mid 1800’s. They had dark hair and skin and were beautiful. (no blonde dancers here! Okay, I can fix that.) As it goes Romani people had no real home and would travel around from place to place, sharing music and sometime card reading and other psychic things to make ends meet.

The Dancers were the young women who would entice men to throw coins as they danced around in sometimes, yes, seductive ways. But not always. Many of the young gypsy dancers didn’t like doing what they were forced to do. But had to dance and at times do other things for money. The caravan stayed on the outskirts of various towns where they would set up their camps, and open their wares to the public.

In my idea for a short story and/or stage dance, Gypsy Dancer, Essie is a beautiful dancer who is reluctant to do what she is being forced to do. That is dance for men to gain money. So as you see her, she has a rather sad look about her, yet she also has that sensual appeal men love. Note: This is no stripper or belly dance stuff, this is real dance based on the traditional folk lore of the gypsy lifestyle.

Story Opening: Beggar’s Game

Mid 1800’s

When Jeffery, a young man of means, chances upon the Gypsy Caravan camping in a clearing on the outer side of his property he is not happy and intends to tell them they must leave at once. But then he sees her. And when she begins her Gypsy Dance to the Romani music being played, he is mesmerized. She is beautiful, enticing. And he can’t take his eyes from her. In truth he has never wanted to bed a woman as much as he did her.

As she dances around in a circle she stops directly in front of him. Her sensual movements and come on looks almost do him in. But when their eyes meet, he senses something about her. Something not right about what she is doing. What is it? He feels that she is trying to tell him something. But what?


Okay, what will happen between Essie and Jeffery? She does entice him to bed her for payment of the gold watch he carries. But what will happen next? Will Jeffery kick the whole bunch off his property and be done with it? Or will he fall in love with Essie and try to save her from a life she doesn’t want or deserve? We shall see.

Stay tuned for the conclusion to Beggar’s Game as it is written. Probably tomorrow...


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