The very young don't always do what they are told...

The line above came from a SG1 episode called The Nox. At the time I watched STARGATE often. 

That particular line wasn’t about children following parent’s instructions. But an advanced alien culture who gave advice to a not so advanced one that didn’t listen. And chaos ensued. Which did.

Thinking about it as I plan on work writing my own version of Sci Fi stories, the line hit a note in me. We are on the cusp of a truly fantastic cosmic event trekking directly across the middle of US from coat to coast. That doesn’t happen often. And I’m sure everyone has heard about it.  

A Total Solar Eclipse will occur on August 21. Simply put, the moon lines up to travel directly in front of the sun causing the earth and sun to appear in darkness. See it for just a few minutes at each location as its path treks across the sky straight through the middle of the United States. And it tracks close to my area. At the precise time step outside, wear those nifty solar eclipse glasses, look toward the sun and there it is.

All of this sounds so exciting to a Sci Fi girl like me. But there is a catch. If you are outside and you want to watch this event you must wear the Nasa-certified protective glasses. NASA warns that if you look directly at the Solar Eclipse with the naked eye you could damage your retina. And finding a pair of these special eye saving glasses at this late date is rare. So, if you don’t already have yours and can’t score a pair, don't look up! There are many other ways to watch this event.

NASA will stream the Sun’s entire Eclipse path across the country. On computers and smart TVs you can watch the trek from beginning to end in HD with commentary.

ISS (International Space Station) is in the prime location to photograph and vid all of it. Jets from NASA will be in the sky doing the same. 

Check NASA.GOV for the precise viewing of this event in your local area.

keep watching!

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