Layering... lay down your sword

Sometimes I think the plotting and researching for a book is more fun than the actual writing, well at least the revisions part! That's the way it is for me. And I'm still working on layering what needs to be there in Barefoot Dancer. But layering is the part I like. You know--when you go over the story and come up with things that would make it better or fix something that just isn’t exactly right for the character... Like for instance, in part two of the Shadow Realm scene, Michael (hero) has to face the Celtic Ancients who created the curse that’s been plaguing his preternatural family for centuries. And has separated him from his beloved Kim (heroine). But finally Michael, refusing to fight anymore, puts down his sword and bows before them. In the original version, he engages in battle with the Ancients. I like the non-violent version best. It fits well with the hero’s healer image that is the crux of part one. Little things can change a story and make it so much better.


Julie Kellerman said...

Layering is one of the things I have to do too. And it always makes my stories better. I do like this idea that your hero (Michael) lays down his sword. I agree that it fits better with his character as a healer. I remember that he did have some sword encounters in the Celtic Highlands. I hope that is still there, because that is so cool. But yes, the laying down of the sword before the ancients is a good action for him. Good photo too, by the way. Very sexy! Julie

Kaye Manro said...

That's true, Julie. Layering is necessary isn't it? I don't know any good novelists who don't have to do it, it's part of the revision process. Edit, edit--everything I write goes through the cutting process too, then I can layer in necessary stuff. Yes, Michael still has some real sword battles in the Highlands. And that photo is one of my favorites. I use it to inspire me when I'm writing about this character while he's in Celtic mode. Kaye

diannawv said...

Layering is difficult for me but you do it very well. It is necessary to develop a believable story line. I think the hero lying down his sword fits the character very well.