The vast ideas behind Quantum Physics seem to be everywhere in SF these days. 

So what is the difference between time travel and accessing a parallel reality? And what about faster than light speed travel? Is FTL part of time travel or parallel reality?

My study into quantum science theories behind these concepts says that all can be related but not always. For instance, when SF thinks about traveling at faster than light—FTL—it is usually seen as a starship hyper jumping through space from destination to destination. Such as in Star Trek.

Sometimes a parallel reality or time travel can be involved but actual FTL is usually to reach a specific destination. Since FTL presumably bends time to reach a destination, TT and PR can and does sometimes happen in SF stories.

So what about a different reality? String theorists say there are an infinite number of parallel realities some much like ours, some not. But how do we get there? Usually in SF there is a rift or something that causes the parallel shift.

As for time travel just happening, in the extremely popular series Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, the main character Claire gets caught in a time rift leading to the 1800s by touching a standing stone. It worked well for the author of these stories.  

However, I like to have more science theory behind my stories. Such as a quantum portal that takes characters to specific places in time. 

Parallel realities differ in some ways, at least from my perspective. In two of my Soul-Love stories, Remember Him Yesterday and Barefoot Dancer, there are distinct parallel realities involved in which the characters must interact, but not by traditional time travel. These stories have plausible SF scientific theory behind them. But to keep from spoiling or giving away too much plot and background that’s all I will say for now.

I will say this—each story does have a SF background. Yet basically the main direction of RHY and BD is not about scientifically explaining the parallel realities these characters find themselves having to deal with, but about falling in love and becoming involved with a true destined mate for which they would do anything.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more on the fascinating subject of Quantum Physics.

Kaye Manro

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