‘Woke up one morning the wind through my window
Reminded me winter was just around the bend
Somehow I just didn’t see it was coming
It took me by surprise again…’ df

That’s October for you. After the heat wave through this year’s early Autumn it’s welcome to feel a bit cooler. Beautiful Sunny Days with temps slightly cool at night and sun warming the mornings.

It reminds me of another October that was nearly as nice. About mid-month I was driving back home after visiting a friend in another state. I stopped at a rest area. And a beautiful little black abandoned kitten was scrounging around searching for food and comfort and maybe someone to help him. Knowing me back then, I would do this—I picked him up and brought him home with me.

I named him Kuda, or a friend did. Why that name? It was actually derived from the name Kunta Kinte in the story Roots. But it ended up spelled differently. And so forever after the beautiful little black kitty was known as Kuda.

His first Halloween. Back then I was still giving out candies to neighborhood kids. So my neighbor friend and I dressed up like witches—typecasting you say? We sat on my front porch and put an orange ribbon around Kuda’s neck. He was a big hit with the kids who stopped by. Though skittish at first, he didn’t seem to mind the attention as long as he could cuddle in my cape!

Loved that cat. And I will always remember how cool he was. For many years to come Kuda enjoyed his All Hallows Eve night. He liked people, especially guys, and was in the habit of taking up with anyone who would pet him. Great cat, good companion. 

Though he is no longer with me Kuda had a long and happy life hanging out with me and my family of friends, and will always be a part of my heart.

Here’s to October and you, Kuda.


© copyright Kaye Manro 2016

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