All HALLOWS EVER has released now and last ditch edits done, this girl can relax. Kick back after all those long late night edits and rewrites. 

Or can she?

Promoting is a thing unto itself. And not something I enjoy like I once did. It could be because I feel kind of lost and overwhelmed out there in promo land these days. It's different than it use to be. And I'm different. So off I will go to see how things work. 

I believe as I always have that it isn't about just promoting a new book, but promoting yourself as an author. And with the explosion of Indie authors, it can be down right daunting just looking to see what's out there, who does this promo thing the best, and how to do it.

Lots to think about and do if I want to keep on writing!

"And I do yes I do, don't you know that I want to..."
(hmm, where'd that line come from? Yeah.)

Did I say I need coffee? Lots and lots of Coffee. 


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