How many times have I heard the saying about touching the hot stove? Many. And about the Kitchen sink? Lots.Though the sink is different from the stove they are related. 

So let's see, the stove metaphor goes something like this:

If I have to touch a hot stove 10 times or maybe hundreds? in order to learn not to touch that hot stove, then maybe I will learn to stop doing the things that causes me grief. Maybe.

I burned my finger on a candle the other day and was reminded of the hot stove. Little things begin to happen in a series and pile up to be one large emotional mess.

Which brings in the kitchen sink. When things start to go wrong and the negative drama increases it springboards all over. Everything that happens becomes big and bad. Past present even future. So it goes.

One day can be so good and warm.
Then all of sudden things change and bad stuff happens things go wrong. Little happenings turn in to big ones. I feel it, react to it, and before long I'm in the dramatic kitchen sink area again. After the stove. 

Finding a way to chill down? How about a deep freeze. Take all the stuff that is bothering me and causes the problems and just throw it into a deep freeze to chill for a while. When I open the freezer door again, everything should have settled into a nice calm coolness. Drama and emotional responses chilled out and gone.

It could work. Hectic runaway emotions can wreck havoc a lot and bring on the springboard effect.

Hot Stoves, Kitchen Sinks and Deep Freezes. Kitchen appliances and metaphors that we all love to hate.


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Kaye Manro said...

YES, The Kitchen Sink!! Why do you think?