When I first had thoughts about doing this article I didn’t know exactly what it would be or what I would say. I did know I wanted to share things I’d learned and experienced over time.

 I decided a while back that what I needed was more peace and to have that thing called ‘well-being’ in my life. Chaos, scrambled thoughts and feelings became just too uncomfortable for me. Reacting to circumstances whatever and whenever overwhelmed me a lot.

I’d tried relaxation exercises and focus too. But those feelings kept coming back to plague me, take away my peace of mind. I would practice getting quiet and calm and then I’d say, “Great, I’m doing it. I’m doing fine.”

Sure. I was fine. Until my feelings would crop up and take me straight back down into those old places of action and reaction and overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings.   

So let’s move on to a subject that some love, some hate, some try and some don’t—the list goes on. 

People who don’t practice any kind of focus or what many call meditation may not understand that it’s all about knowing your own feelings and thought patterns and deciding what to keep and what to throw away. Sounds simple. Pick your thoughts, and the feelings you want to experience.

How simple is it? Not so simple.

Controlling how you respond and feel at a given time is not easy in any stretch of the imagination. Especially with learned responses and possible outside influences.

 What is this idea behind pursuing peace or as some say finding your Zen anyway?

The plan is to explore those ideas on how to find a happier more peaceful life in this lifetime. So as I go forward on this journey I'm wondering what I will find.


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