A Writer's Tip on Mom's Day

Shelley Munro and My Writer Tip

I woke up to a beautiful but chilly Sunday. As I watched the sun leave patches of light across my bed, I planned what I was going to do, and I realized two things,

First, it’s a day to celebrate:

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms! Have a relaxing and fun day!

Second, I have a Writer Tip on my friend's blog today. Yes, we have similar names -- not related by blood, but in soul and spirit, with our goals as authors. Shelley Munro is on vacation, and while she is away, she is sharing Writing Tips from her author friends. I'm lucky enough share one of mine!

Visit Shelley Munro's Taste of Kiwi Blog where you will find my tidbit about writing hooks. Leave a comment and let everyone know what you think and how you create hooks in your own writing.

Stop by her Blog and "Get Hooked" !!



Suzanne Jones said...

Popping over now, Kaye. Have a terrific Mother's Day.


Cari Quinn said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kaye. Even though my baby has fur, I'm taking it as a day to relax, too. LOL

Loved your writer tip on Shelley's blog! :)

Amber Skyze said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kaye!

I'll drop by.

Debs said...

Happy Mothers Day to you too.

Off there now.