I'm off with FORBIDDEN LOVE on a new week of the
Blog Tour...

I visited my friend and fellow romance author
Linda Banche On Sunday where I talked  a little about SFR or Science Fiction Romance. SFR actually appeared way back in the 1930's. I look at how it is coined in today's market. So stop on by!

And please don't forget to visit Nancy O'Berry and 
Romancing the Blog, "It's Cheeky Lizard Sunday." She is the lady who coined T'Kon, my hero in Forbidden Love as that Cheeky Lizard. Some very interesting things are going on over there. She has a unique Lizard Sundae recipe and a great lizard photo. There is even a Reptilian male and a human female from a very old photo! (I've got to have that photo!) Okay, for sure T'Kon is nothing like those old perceptions, but it's all in good fun. So come on over and join in the merriment!

Then moving on into Monday, I'm visiting the blog of my buddy, Cari Quinn who pens fantastic erotic romance for The Wild Rose Press. She asks me some probing questions about science fiction romance and basically how one can generate interest in the SFR genre. Tough questions. My answers may surprise you. So be sure to come by tomorrow for a visit! 


Linda Banche
Romancing the Blog
Cari Quinn

See you around the Galaxy!



Cari Quinn said...

Loving the FL blog tour! So excited to have you on my blog on Monday, Kaye! :)

Shelley Munro said...

I'm enjoying the tour too. :)

Kaye Manro said...

Thanks Cari and Shelley and Cari for following my tour!

I'll see Cari today (Monday)as I guest on her blog!

And Shelley Tomorrow as I join her as a guest! (Tuesday)