I'm blogging about FORBIDDEN LOVE again today, May 21 with Christina Phillps. She and I met just before she signed her first contract for her erotic paranormal, Foretaste of Forever with TWRP. She wrote one more book for them called Touch of the Demon. Soon after that Christina signed with an agent who promptly acquired  a two book deal with Berkeley Heat. Her new book, a hot historical releases in September 2010. Though we didn't plan it,  the title of her first Berkeley Heat book is FORBIDDEN! An interesting coincidence, I say. 

So join me and fellow sister author Christina Phillips as I answer some of her interesting questions. ~ HERE ~ 

The prize tower still stands for all those who comment on any of the stops on my blog tour! 



Debs said...

Loving your blog tour. x

Kaye Manro said...

thanks Debs!