Yesterday as I was digging out some old things--pictures and such-- I came across something interesting that I had forgotten about. Amazing. It was still buried so deep in my mind. 

It was a story. Actually a screenplay treatment written several years back while I was at UCLA. The story premise is rather good, and interestingly enough with some work and changes could fit with a series I already have going. 

How about this title: 


Don't think I ever wrote about it here or anywhere else in blog or fb land. The story title came from a song my brother produced back in the LA days as he pursued concerts, albums and avenues of rock and roll as a profession. What great times those were and what fantastic songs came from then. (a song written in his teen years before others took the title for their songs. And you won't find it now. Pulled from the market and only a select few have a copy of it.)

Back to the story I wrote around that title. 

With rewriting LET THE MUSIC PLAY will fit with the series I have been writing: Love story involving-- you got it-- a musician and a dancer. 

Okay, yes, I've done this but not exactly in the same way. It has a good plot twist that takes the story far from where a reader might think it is going. And it is not SF. 

Enough said for now other than I'm pulling the story, LET THE MUSIC PLAY out of mothballs and giving it a new face and a whirl.
And no, I don't think I've done enough with the musician/dancer scenario. Is there ever too many fun creativity laden stories? I'm going to see what comes of it. Could be something, maybe.


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Anonymous said...

Way to go Great life good fun and lets go for it again

Kaye Manro said...

Thanks B I agree Lets do it!

Anonymous said...

I do remember those days too. Coming to see you soon so get ready.