Romance is the Key

While we are still in our February-is-romance-month, I'd like to remind you just what it is about a romace story that is different than other fiction, and why we are so attracted to, that's right--romance. (Can I say it? Okay, maybe just once... Be still my heart...)

Basically, a mainstream novel works around a plot, often with a romance in the background; a romance works around a love story, with a plot in the background. It's that simple, folks. And that's why we love romance!

So if your dream is to write romance (or read a good romance novel) just keep that in mind. It works every time.



Johnny said...

Yeah, I get that. So if I add romantic elements to my stories, that's not considered a romance exactly. This I know. Any other ideas on this romance vs mainstream stuff and where is the line finally drawn? It's sort of a foggy area for me, I guess.

Kaye Manro said...

Well Johnny, I think there are muggy areas when it comes to romance. But for some of us it's pretty clear, depending on the category we are writing under. If your plot dominates over the romance between your characters, then it's not a true romance. However, if the romance--conflict, emotional push, etc, is the dominate factor, then it's more of a romance. Of course, there are those novels that cross the lines a lot these days. So maybe there is no black and white anymore.

Michelle S. said...

I do agree and this is right-- for a romance to actually be a romance novel, no matter what genre you are writing (or reading) the love story has to be the governing factor. Think about it.