Thinking Back

The Dance Studio in NY

When I think about getting over the winter blahs, my mind sometimes turns to the world of dance. I have fond memories of the days when I was a professional ballet dancer. I recall one bitter cold winter I attended a workshop in NY. I wouldn't have missed it if I'd had to walk to get there due to bad weather conditions!

Funny, I didn't even give the freezing and the cold a second thought even though I certainly had to layer on warm-ups over my tights. I never let it bother me that a blizzard may strike at any moment. I wrapped myself up in the moment, the movement and the experience.

Today, I cling to the weather channel's every word thinking, "oh, no-- more awful weather cold snowy uncomfortable ahead..."
So what does that say about me now? How have I changed from just a few years ago? Am I more conscious because I am older and wiser? Or am I just bored because back then, my days were non-stop classes, rehearsals and performances. It do miss it. No time to think, no time to stop and rest or lament about anything much less the plight of the weather.

A direction, a focus... And now I write. What does that say about me as a writer? Am I less excited than I was about what I’m doing? Sometimes. But I really love to write and research and discover new things. I dreamed of becoming a writer my entire life. I studied journalism and creative writing in college. Yes, I love to write. Maybe it's the isolation. Maybe...

With that said, I still can't wait until spring!



Mona said...

I can't wait until sping either. And I think it's nice that you have such a dancing past.

Johnny said...

This up and down winter weather gets us all down at times. Here's to a spring that comes on fast.

Julie said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful time in your life. I can't imagine freezing and being so caught up in the moment that I wouldn't feel how cold it was!

Amanda said...

What an interesting life that must have been-- busy non-stop and sweet.