Cool Sixties ~ Great Lovers ~ Music And Dancers And Fun!
Join Nick and Krista for a groovy adventure!

All Hallows Ever ~ Premise
Kaye Manro

Boston, October 1966

When musician Nick Zelmenis finds out his band must dress in costume to perform at the All Hallows Eve music gig he is in a reluctant quandary over what to wear. His lover ballet dancer Krista McBaine and a few good friends come up with a groovy Sci-Fi costume idea for the band’s big night. But a devastating incident occurs just before the show and everything falls apart. Nick must pull out all the stops and call upon his innate psychic abilities. He knows beyond doubt if he can’t figure it out fast something tragic is going to happen to the one he loves. 

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© copyright Kaye Manro 2016


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaye,

Sounds like a cool book you have here. We should get together soon, maybe get some coffee.

I'll be in touch, Billy

Kaye Manro said...

hi Billy!I am so glad you stopped by. always good to get support from a friend. oh and thanks for all those awesome blog hit. you're the sweetest. sure i'd love to have coffee with you, and soon!

love ya, Kaye

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaye. I've been reading your Nick and Krista excerpts from All Hallows Ever. I love what I've read on the blog so much that I'm heading over to Amazon Kindle to buy your book. I what to read about Nick and Krista's adventures so I'll stop by often. Have a great day Kaye.

Reha Wilkie

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Reha, thanks for stopping by and commenting on characters Nick and Krista. Glad you liked tge excerpts, and hope you enjoy the book too. Kaye

Dee Pauley said...


Sure seems like people are talking about Nick and Krista's Halloween adventure. I think the book is good. I love the way your show your characters involved in the 1960's. I'm looking forward to the next Nick and Krista book. Keep on writing Kaye!


Kaye Manro said...

Thanks Dee. Thanks for help with the book cover too.