She waited for him there in the mists of the early morning light.

”Good Morn my Lady,” he said as he arrived, bowing to her and tipping his sword.

She smiled and curtsied to him. “I see you are carrying your shield today. Are you off to fight the Demons that once plagued your soul or some other great battle that needs to be faced?”

He looked upon her with all his Love shining through. “Today I stand guard at the precipice of our Soul. And yes, I have fought the fierce Ones and won.”

“Take care, my beloved,” she cautioned. “For just when you think the battles are all but gone another One may rear its ugly head, beckoning for you fight once again.”

He turned, looked over his shoulder and leaned on his sword. “I know, my love. I do know just that.”

Then he shifted his gaze skyward and smiled. “But today the air is clear the sun is bright and this world is full of new promise. Looking back toward her, he said, “Care for a frolic my beloved?  I bid you come ride with me into the warmth of this misty new morning.”

He stretched out his hand and took hers in his. Their fingers touched and an ethereal space closed around them wrapping them within one another’s embrace. Without so much as a thought or a care save one for the other. And as the light of their love enfolded them they become as one.

Together they sat upon the beauty of his mystical horse, who stood poised in the flowing meadow before them. They rode off into the early morning light of a new day and a new promise.

Vignette story by Kaye Manro


© copyright Kaye Manro 2017

(modified version from Musings and Memories 2016)

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