We hear it all the time. Life is short. Live it to the fullest. But do we actually do that? Many times we get caught up in what should have been or what we should have done. Or what we want for the future. It goes on and on. 

What about Now. This instant, this moment, this piece of time that is right here in front of us. Isn't that all we truly have? 

Recently things happened in my life that have given me pause-- Spending time with a good friend and rekindling a friendship which never should have been on hold; coming close to losing someone I love as I watched him become very ill and almost not make it; feeling the shock when another I know left this earth too soon with a surprising and sad speedy exit.

All these things happened recently and for me it adds up to questions like: What's it all about? Why am I stressed so much? Why am I trying so hard? For what? Why can't I just let go and relax?

It also made me realize how fast life slips away. And that I need to slow down take things easy and just live in the now. Find the things that bring me joy and peace and just be... 

Life is surely short and I want to enjoy every second of it however I choose it. And so my new direction is to do just that. 

Here's to everyone I know finding the peace and the pleasantness of just being. No matter how Zen that sounds it is where I'd like to be for now.  


© copyright Kaye Manro 2017

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