Time and Again

Today we moved forward in time one hour. Or we lost an hour of sleep to put it another way.

Still, when I think about time (jumping forward or back) my mind automatically goes to the subject of time travel, rather than setting the clock up or back. If we really had the ability to travel through time, what would it actually be like and how would we do it? 

Figuring out how to make time travel plausible and realistic within a story is not easy. I will admit I love the aspect of time travel. It is exciting. Science fiction has had their characters traveling in time forever. And we've seen a resurgence in books and films lately. Too many to mention here. But some execute it believably well, others don't. 

Although time travel has been a common plot in fiction since the late 19th century, and the theories of spatial and general relativity suggest methods, it is currently unknown whether the laws of physics would allow time travel into the past. Such backward travel would have the potential to introduce paradoxes related to causality. Simply put, by just being there a traveler could altar the past in ways we can't begin to imagine.

I would need sound technological and scientific reasons as to how and why it is done within my stories. So as is usual for me, I did (do) tons of research. Take current science theories and add imagination. Combine the two and I knew that's when ideas that could make time travel possible emerge. And with it stories that contain plausible time travel themes: 

When the heroine steps through a time dilation Portal on the trail of a criminal who is using the Portal for selfish gain, she becomes swept up in the past, loses her prey, and also her connection to her own time. She has to figure how to leave minimal impact on the past, while trying to survive in a primitive environment, and also pick up the trail her quarry. Finally she must find her way back to her own time and try not to fall in love (or become involved) with the handsome knight who gives her aid. She knows without doubt the simple yet unavoidable contact with him has already altered the future. Her future. 

Sound like a plausible idea for a time travel story? I thought so. And I'm now almost finished with the second book in the series.

Do you like writing or reading time travels? Though with any story, well developed characters are important, how much scientific theory or background do you think needs to be in a time travel story to make it realistic?



A.R. Norris said...

It's intruguing, but I haven't written one yet. I think you're correct that it takes a lot of research and a sound concept base. Evenutally I want to take it on.

Great post!

Melisse Aires said...

Years ago I read many time travels. They were about as close as a reader could get to SFR/ or paranormal romances, there sure was a dry spell of subgenres before e-publishing.

A year or so ago I read a bunch of Highlander Romances and several of those turned out to be time travel! Many used a druid or witch type magic, though, not a science based time travel. Harlequin Nocturne had a series or trilogy of romances that used a science time travel device--was excited to see Harlequin accept something so SFR!

Amber Skyze said...

I enjoy reading them, but can't imagine being able to write a good one. But we have authors like you for that. :)

Maria Zannini said...

I love time travel stories! I'm not too fussy on the mechanism that gets them there as long as the MC doesn't dream himself there. :)

Sometimes the author gets into trouble by trying to explain too much, forcing scrutiny and perhaps reader doubt.

Pauline Baird Jones said...

I love time travel stories and no, don't want to be caught up in too much science about it. It just is and then you deal with it. LOL! Are you involved in Int Time travel day twitter blast this wed?

menina.iscrazy said...

I've read some both in the romance realm and in scifi. Romance doesn't always give a lot of scifi reasons to what's going on and sometimes are totally inaccurate to the time period they have their characters in. At the same time most are good. The scifi ones have more edge to them. ;)

Kaye Manro said...

AR - I do like the research though you don't have to include it all in the story. Just enough to make it real.

Melisse - I think it's great that SFR can show time travels. So glad!

Amber - well we shall see, lol.

Maria - I agree. I think the time travel method has to be intrinsic to the plot in order for it to be realistic

Pauline - Yes, and you do time travel so well! Hadn't thought about the TT on Twitter. But should check it out.

Menina - I agree with you. The SF time travels have more edge. I like the romance tt too if they are done well.

I'm trying to combine the two.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!