My Halloween love story will be releasing in a few days! Here is a short little view inside.

Focus on character Nick Zelmenis the reluctant psychic.

A young musician with an astounding ability he doesn’t truly want. He sees things he doesn’t want to see, knows things he tries not to know. An undeveloped potential he doesn’t really need, or so he believes.

Excerpt from AHE:

Nick lay with his body wrapped around Krista as she slept in his arms. He snuggled his face into her long amber hair and breathed in her heady scent. She smelled of tea and soap. He pushed his thoughts across her mind. "I love you dancer girl and all I want to do is live right now right here with you. Forget futurizing. Forget seeing visions I don’t want to see. I just wanna watch you dance… Write and play my songs… Spend time with our friends." He chuckled a little. "And get paid for music gigs even if it isn’t much..."

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