Are we on the cusp of real authentic alien contact? Possibly.

Fifteen bursts of radio emission were detected from the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia. This happened during observations of a dwarf galaxy three billion light years away in late August of this year. This is the first time bursts from this source have been recorded at these frequencies.

Breakthrough Listen, an organization initiated by Stephen Hawking, searches for signs of intelligent life in the universe. They have detected the fast radio bursts emanating from the "mysterious repeater".

Breakthrough Listen explains fast radio bursts, or FRBs, as brief, bright pulses of radio emission from distant galaxies. These bursts have now been identified by several radio telescopes around the world. The strongest bursts were those received at the Green Bank Observatory.

Astronomers say that explanations for FRBs range from outbursts from rotating neutron stars with extremely strong magnetic fields to directed energy sources used by extraterrestrial civilizations to power spacecraft.

Breakthrough Listen reported the results as an Astronomer's Telegram, and they will describe the results in further detail in upcoming scientific articles. Read more about the latest discovery by the Green Bank Radio Telescope at BreakthoughListen.

What do you think? Intelligent alien contact or not?


Images from Space.com

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