Forbidden Love... What Kind of DNA Did You Say?

Just a reminder--
Today I'm visitng Fodder for Fiction with Lisa Leibow. Its an interesting topic, really. I talk a bit about how/why I created my SFR hero, T'Kon with a touch of 'different' DNA. A fun post! Stop by and comment if you have the chance. I'm also still with Angela Kay Austin on Romancing the Pen until Friday June 4. Love to see you comment there as well!


Fodder for Fiction

Romancing the Pen 


And don't forget I'll be with my friend, Shelley Munro to end my Forbidden Love tour Friday June 4, but that's not until tomorrow!

See you around the Galaxy!


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April Vine said...

Thanks for a very interesting interview over at Shelley's.
Have a great weekend, Kaye!