THE VILLAGE ~ Early 1960s

It's about time to drop in on favorite Soul-Love couple Nick and Krista. See what they are doing. This time it's a visit to their past and the New Age Village where these two spent a lot of time while they were young.

Before heading back to the Village I'll share a few basic ideas on a traditional Yogic practice known as Tantra. What it is and how to attain it. Tantra Yoga is a technique practiced in India from centuries ago. It has to do with raising your spiritual energies, attaining higher levels of awareness and spiritual growth.

That is a very broad view however. On the surface it seems to deal with sexual energy. But it has to do with the connection between male and female, yen and yang and raising kundalini (higher energies between a couple) Attaining enlightenment is the main goal.

Keep in mind the following excerpt takes place in the 'love peace and granola' days of the 1960’s. Openness prevailed and many were experiencing the explosion that was happening in the realm of not only sexual freedom but also new ways of thinking and spiritual awareness.

Okay, now let’s look in on a younger Nick and Krista and see what is happening right before they learn what Tantra Yoga really is.

The Village

“I’m not going in there with you, Nick. You just go.” Krista backed away from him.

“Why not, Krista girl? Did you know they are having sex in there?”

She stepped closer to him so she could smack his arm. Hard. “Nick Zelmenis we are not supposed to go in there. And they are not having sex.”

Nick raised his eyebrows and nodded his head. “Oh yeah they are. I saw them yesterday. I sneaked in the back and--just come on, Krista, you gotta see this.”

She rolled her eyes. “For heaven’s sake, Nick. That’s not what they are doing. My parents told me about Tantra. It—it has something to do with raising energies, umm,” she scrunched her nose, "kundalini I think is what they call it.”

“Yeah? Well you could have fooled me. That’s not what I saw them rising in there.”

Krista felt her face turning fifty shades of red. “Nick!” 

"Awe, come on Krista. I’m just really curious, that’s all."
“Yeah? My dad told me about boys. All you want to do, you know, is make a girl have sex with you.”

“Krista!” Nick said loud, sounding hurt. “You know that’s not the way it is with you and me, don’t you?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, Nick." She paused for a second. "I-I really like you so much and—geez. I got those feelings too... bad.” She looked down at the ground and kicked a stone with her foot.      

The next moment, Mr. Fabor, one of the regular yoga instructors came walking out of the Tantra room’s back door. “Hello kids. What’s going on out here?”

“Okay, then,” he said. "By the way, I believe the class on Hidden Power is starting in about five, over on the teen campus.”

“Thanks Mr. Fabor." Krista said. "We were just going over there now.”

She took Nick’s arm and guided him in the opposite direction from the adult campus.

“Hey kids," he called after them. “If you are truly interested in learning what Tantra Yoga is, I’ll be in my office this afternoon. Second floor of the main building. Stop by and we can talk a little. But you have to understand I can’t let you into this class. It’s age restricted.”

“Wow, did you hear that?" Nick said as the two walked arm in arm over to the teen area. “He’s really gonna tell us about sex.”

She pulled on him stopping him in his tracks. "Tantra is not just about sex, Nick. You need to know that.”

She watched him smile a little. “I know, girl. I do know.” With that said, he turned her around to face him and hugged her close...


To see what Nick and Krista discover about Tantra Yoga look for upcoming books featuring this quintessential Soul-Love couple.  

Kaye Manro
The Soul-Love Series

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