Things are not always happiness 
and sweetness in Soul-Love land

Today I'm sharing a passage from Remember Him Yesterday, the main Nick and Krista book. This will actually be in part two of RHY. I'm not calling spoiler alert here because so much happens in this part of the story. The following touches into the heart wrenching feeling of separation Nick experiences when he faces the possibility of life without Krista. 

Remember Him Yesterday 

The Search

He'd given up his music to find her. But he couldn’t find her. 

Not anywhere.

Nick took the midnight express from Kenmore Square to Back Bay. He hardly ever rode the T. But tonight he needed to think what he could do next. Sense her. Feel where she'd gone. She'd rode this way to rehearsals those last few days they were together.

He stepped from the train and a chilling wind caught him. He usually didn't feel the cold, being accustomed to riding around on his Yamaha in winter. But tonight he was lost inside a frigid icy depth. 

God, what could he do?  

She was no where. Not at any of the places or haunts they used to go. Not where she once danced. Or even where they had lived. 

Nothing was the same. Nothing at all.

Why couldn’t he find his Krista. Where had she gone? He lamented over and over again. Exhausted his mental capacities trying to reach out to her. Searched everywhere inside their usual telepathic connect and also out on the streets of Boston.

There was no trace of her at the Conservatory where he knew for sure she would be. Or so he thought. According to the director there was no such person enrolled named Krista McBaine. 

How could that be? 

She'd planned her dance career since she was young. And Boston Conservatory was her ballet dream.

He and Krista were so in love, spent all their time together experiencing and strengthening their special bond. Yet there wasn’t even a phone number for her family in Vermont, the place she'd grown up. 

No trace. 

Hell, it was as if she had never existed. Or disappeared from the earth. At least from this earth.

It happened after the strange fiery dream death came upon them. The one that tore them asunder and split them apart... 

Afterwards he thought all he would have to do was reach out with his mind and find her again inside their special connection. Surely that was an easy task for one as skilled as he with psychic abilities.

His experience with the Powers and lack of contact with her led Nick to conclude he and Krista were probably separated by some sort of an odd dimensional rift of some kind.  

Yeah, he knew about things like that from his knowledge of the Quantum. Parallel worlds did exist. He never thought he and Krista would ever have to deal with it. He did have an idea how it happened and it caused an ever increasing anxiety to grow inside his gut. But he couldn’t figure why nor how to bridge the rift to find her. Or even if he could.

The Quantum was an unpredictable energy that he had little experience mastering. Maybe he should have listened to his Grandmother when she tried to show him things...

Why couldn’t Krista feel or sense him even if they were separated? They'd shared a psychic link since childhood and still should be mind touching given their unique connection. 

But it just wasn't happening. He stared at the night sky sensing a reflection of her in the city lights illuminating around him.

...Krista, he whispered, I can’t even touch you with my thoughts anymore. Where are you? Can't you feel me? Do you even know me now? Help me find you…

Nick Zelmenis
Boston, 1967

© copyright Kaye Manro 2017

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