January. Cold. Unpredictable. Transitory. 

Many changes have hit me at breakneck speed as this first month of the year draws to a close. Transition? Yes it is that. But so many unexpected happenings are also on the rise. I've heard that stirring the cauldron of events in your life can bring up many unknown things, pleasant and not. And so it is. 

The month of January has flown by and here it is at the end. Things are taking place in my life, and none of them have to do with writing, at least not yet. Some of the decisions I made turned out not to be the right ones, and at the time I truly thought they were. Other more hidden things inside have come to the surface to cause emotions to rise. And stopping to deal with unknown until now things had to be done. Still situations with others close to me have taken different routes, ones I hope are for the best. 

And so it goes as February gets ready to take center stage. What will this real true month of transition hold?

Plans? once certain things are settled I wish to get on with my writing. I have a few stories to tell and to rewrite and edit. Thought I would already be well on the way with this direction. But life happens and other pressing issues became priority. I say now I shall see where it all takes me. Since the second month of the year is always the true transition month for me...



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