A Nick and Krista excerpt

After Krista had gone to the dance studio Nick got down to serious work on his new song. He had made notation lyrics and guitar work ideas in the notebook he always kept on the table by their bed. 

He retrieved it from the bedroom. And for the next few hours Nick planted himself on the settee in front of the bay window of their Brownstone flat, notes open, guitar on his lap lost in his new song. For Krista.


I saw you there
After so long we were apart
Ready to start
Your dancer girl moves
Rise on your toes
Beautiful dancer girl shows
Turn around and see me 
Loving you 
Needing you
dancer girl
Saw it all as you performed
Your turns so true
Your body in magical motion
Across the floor with devotion
and I already knew
Beautiful dancer girl
I love you
Love you
Spin around and see me
As you glide by me
So full of light and life
You perform your pirouette
I won’t forget…
How I love you
Love you 
dancer girl 
Turn around look at me
My beautiful 
dancer girl
Soaring across the floor so free
I won’t forget…
How I love you
Love you
dancer girl
I'm here you'll see
Turn around and look at me


Coming to Amazon Kindle December 6 2016

© copyright Kaye Manro 2016


Billy said...


Dancer Girl. Hmm, that is a very cool song title. Being a musician I could put those words to music in the world outside your book. But I rally wish that you'd be MY dancer girl. Again congrats on the release of Almost Home. Call me.

Love, Billy

Kaye Manro said...

Thank you Billy. I would love for you to put music to dancer girl. It would be great to work with you again. K.