I usually don’t write or share personal info on the SF blog, but just for this post, it seems like the right thing to do. Since the love I recently experienced with another influenced the Soul-Love Series with a big hit.  

Over the past several years I was involved in a highly impactful love relationship which did prompt much of the feelings and deep abiding love between Soul-Love characters Nick and Krista.

Though the basic storyline veers off into more Sci Fi elements—Nick’s psychic abilities and the actual events that are discovered in the upcoming main Soul-Love novel Remember Him Yesterday—the undertone and over the moon love theme was surely influenced by true life happenings.

My guy and I met many years ago when we were very young. And madly in Love. I was living in Boston at the time studying, yes, dance. And true, he was a musician playing the bars. On and off throughout the years we would come back together, but something would always interfere and push us apart.  

We are older and wiser now, right? When we rekindled out special love, we thought this time it would work. Once again we fell headlong over the moon for each other. We had plans to settle down together, to travel and to finally end up in a place we both know as special. But alas, we were just too different still. Our lifestyles didn’t match and who we are had changed a lot though we tried hard to make it work.

Just recently after many ups and downs we decided we probably shouldn’t be together this time around. We will always be close, but actual living together is not in the cards for us. At least not right now. Will it ever be? Who knows. Love is weird that way. Especially when the two involved are both highly creative with similar personalities. It looks very good on deeper levels but sometimes the surface reality just pushes you apart.

That’s what happened to us.

And so, it is with a song and a tear that I say goodbye to a love that is meant to be, yet isn’t.

Eu te amo and Tchau, my love. I will never forget…

The main novel, Remember Him Yesterday featuring Nick and Krista, will release in late 2017. Other Nick and Krista stories, Again Hope and All He Wanted will be out in early 2017. Almost Home and All Hallows Ever are available now on Amazon Kindle.

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Billy said...


Sorry things didn't work out for you. If you need a friend, a shoulder or anything else I'm right here. You know how to reach me. Take care.


Kaye Manro said...

God Billy, how'd you ever get so sweet. Thank you, but you know I'm ok. I'll be in touch �� Kaye