October 31 is so close.

Subdued pinks tinged with dark peach and yellow lining painted the evening sky.  

Sneak Peak
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Something About Nick And Krista

“It says here that on All Hallows Eve the veil between the spirit world and our world becomes so thin that--”

“What the hell are you reading Franklin?” Nick interrupted his friend, leaned his elbows on the counter and stopped what he was doing.

“Facts about strange Halloween happenings,” Franklin answered. He pushed his long brown hair from his face and pulled his horn-rimmed glasses back over his eyes before thumbing through the book he held. “Listen to this”—

Nick shook his head. “Nah, I don’t want to hear anymore. Things are strange enough around here without adding more macabre to the mix.”

Franklin cleared his throat and looked Nick’s way. “Are you talking about that far out telepathic thing you and Krista have going on? Hey, that’s not macabre. Well, maybe cool macabre but—“ 

Nick stared intently at him, his nose scrunched. Franklin Bass chuckled and lay the book aside. “Okay I’m done,” he said and turned his attention to what Nick Zelmenis was doing with the knife he held suspended in his right hand.

“Carving takes a kind of skill doesn’t it?” Franklin asked finally. He watched Nick cut deeper into the large bright orange pumpkin they’d picked up at Boston Market Place earlier that day.

The two stood in the kitchen area of the Brownstone flat Nick and Krista shared, the pumpkin and its innards strewn all over the faded red counter.

Nick had already dug out the seeds and angled his knife around to work on the triangle eyes. “Does I guess,” he said. “I just promised Krista I’d have this done by the time she got home from the dance studio. But she won’t be back ‘til late...” 

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