Nick And Krista Excerpt:
Kaye Manro

Before The Gig

Inside their brownstone flat a few days before the gig, Nick and Krista, with a bottle of wine in hand, collapsed together on their flowered sofa exhausted from all their prep work.

“Whew, I think we just may pull this off,” he said and took a big swig of wine. He handed her the bottle and she gulped down a drink.

Krista lay her head on Nick’s shoulder. “Yeah, music man, I think we just might.”

"God, it'll feel so good just to hold you with no one else around for a change."

"Alone at last," she added.

"Come on baby.” He picked up the bottle and hauled her with him as he stood. 

“Let’s get some rest.”

“And sex,” she giggled as he carried her to their bed...

© copyright Kaye Manro 2016

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