~ A Fantasy Comes To Life ~

Delving into the character and plot of a successful series:

Merlin a BBC original series is one of my favorite continuing medieval fantasy series. The youthful developing wizard Merlin (Colin Morgan) must protect the young Prince Arthur (Bradley James) keeping him safe from harm as Merlin strengthens his own skills as a wizard. All this in the midst of a kingdom in which the use of magic is banned and considered evil.

Intriguing idea.I do like the way Merlin unfolded in the first few seasons. I truly enjoyed the episodes with underlying conflict that took place between the characters before Arthur became king and Uther Pendragon, his father (Anthony Head) was still alive and the King of Camelot. Of course the interesting secret that Morganna, (Katie McGrath) King Uther's ward  kept from everyone was also very intriguing. Not only was the discovery made that she was the king's daughter, but she also possessed the ability to do magic.

The new season finds much change afoot. A more mature Arthur is now king of Camelot and Morganna is the evil sorceress after his throne. After all, it was revealed in the previous season that she had an very evil druid sister who helped Morganna discover her dark magic and convinced her to claim Camelot as her own. But as plot would have it, Arthur, his knights and Merlin won out by end of last season in a final battle against evil filled with action, deceit and conflict.

There is a new character (Nathaniel Parker) this season who adds darkness to the court as Arthur's uncle Agravaine. He supposedly advises him on matters of state. But of course he is in league with Morganna, who is still trying to usurp Arthur and take over Camelot's throne. And her dark magic is growing stronger.

The original appeal of this series was the youthful interaction between a very young Merlin and the overly confident youthfulness of Prince Arthur. There was also the forbidden and unrequited love between Arthur and Guinevere (Angel Coulby). In the first few seasons she is a servant in the court of Camelot.

Now all this has changed. But are these budding characters ready to assume the very grownup roles that the plot now dictates?  That remains to be seen. As I watch the episodes unfold throughout the new season I hope the storyline is strong enough to carry the characters and keep the series alive and as exciting as ever.

You can catch Merlin on the SyFy network on Friday nights, 10 pm est.



Melisse Aires said...

Love this show! This is the only show my entire family watches--hubby, myself, college daughter and high school daughters! Appealing characters.

You are right about the huge change this year with Uther's death.

Kylie Griffin said...

I've only seen a few episodes of this show, but I liked what they've done with the concept so far.

May have to borrow the DVD's and watch the season in one sitting to catch up.

Jenna McCormick said...

Love, love, love this show. Probably my favorite version of the Arthurian legend to date. My two boys 7 and 10 love it too.

Amber Skyze said...

I haven't watched this show, but the DH and I do watch Camelot on Showtime. Same thing, just different actors. :)

Kaye Manro said...

Melisse - You're right Merlin appeals to a wide variety of age groups. I, too, am interested in seeing what happens with the changes.

Kylie - Merlin is a fantastic concept and it's a great idea to watch the DVDs and catch up.

Jenna - I agree. It is my favorite version too. Again there is that allure for all ages.

Amber - I haven't watched Camelot but I would like to see it. Being the medieval junkie that I am I've read, researched, and watched many versions of the Arthurian legend but Merlin is the most well done version I've seen so far.

Thanks to everyone for your input.