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I'm so pleased to have my friend and fellow author, Kaily Hart guest blogging here today. Her wonderfully sexy debut book, PICTURE THIS just released at Ellora's Cave on June 29. She and I have talked about writing, marketing and publishing often over the past several months. I am glad she stopped by to share her fantastic short steamy read with us. She also gives us a glimpse into her creative mind as she reveals a bit of how and why she crafts her sexy love stories.

Take it away, Kaily!

Thanks so much for having me here today, Kaye!

Love… Steamy style. It’s my tag line and I think really reflects what I write quite nicely. It should. It took a heck of a long time to come up with it! I write about the relationship between two people first and foremost. It just happens to involve hot and steamy love/sex scenes.

Why? I believe a story would be incomplete if it stopped at a closed bedroom door (or whatever room the characters happen to choose LOL). It’s during these intense intimate moments that the characters can truly reveal themselves, are at their most vulnerable and can evolve and grow. It’s not just sex for the sake of it, but it must further the story or the characters in some way.

During these scenes, what the characters say to each other, how they touch, what they do, and what happens afterwards can provide invaluable opportunity to reveal different layers of a more complex character. I often love to use these scenes to show a vulnerable side of a hero who typically doesn’t have one. I write contemporary romance for now because I like the freedom of the modern language and themes, although I do think I’ll tackle paranormal at some point.

And romance? Well, I figure we deal with enough harsh realities in our everyday lives. I like my escapism to have a predictable happy ending. I like to finish a book and feel good about what I’ve read. I like to know good will always triumph over evil and love conquers all. But that’s just me!

Blurb for Picture This

Desperate and young, Jillian Moore did something she knew would one day come back to bite her in the ass. She’d posed nude. For money. Years later, and on the fast track to a successful career, she’s still haunted by her mistake. She can’t help but wonder when her past will catch up with her.

Samuel Steele is not short on female attention, but the women who warm his bed pale in comparison to the fantasy he’s created of the seductive temptress in the painting hanging prominently in his bedroom. A fantasy that has ruined his once satisfying sex life. When he discovers that her exact likeness works in his building—for him—things get…interesting.


“Well, thank you for your time and for the information. It was very helpful.”


Jillian put the phone down a little harder than she’d intended. It slammed back into the cradle with a sharp crack that more than matched her mood.


It’d been sold, again, three months earlier. Private auction, anonymous bidder and there was no way for her to find out who’d bought it. All she knew for sure was that it’d been a man. It figured. Damn, she’d been close this time. Not that she would have been able to afford to make even one bid herself. It had opened at fifteen thousand and after some fast and furious bidding had finally gone for a cool seventy-five thousand—dollars. Jeez, she’d probably be paying off her student loans for another twenty years and some guy had dropped seventy-five grand on a picture?

Jillian sighed. She wasn’t even sure what she’d do if she could uncover the identity of the new owner. She’d kept telling herself she’d be able to buy it one day once she got established. She’d planned on it, she’d counted on it. It was why she’d tried her damndest to keep track of it for the past ten years. Her only hope now was that it would sit in some private collection, gathering dust and never see the light of day. Yeah, right. She’d never, ever been that lucky. All those years ago, who would have thought? Deep down though she’d known and it had plagued her ever since. When she least expected it, it was going to come back and bite her on the ass. She just knew it.
                                              * * * * *
“Sam? Man, are you even listening to me?”

Sam couldn’t tear his eyes off her. The dark luster of her hair, the curve of her cheek, something about the shape of her body. It just now occurred to him, but he’d seen her around the building before. He’d noticed her legs he remembered, appreciated the toned lengths, the shapely calves and too easily imagined how they’d look wrapped around his waist or up around her ears. And her mouth. God, the things he’d thought about her mouth.

How could I have forgotten that?

As soon as the thought formed he knew the answer. He had a strict hands-off rule at work that he’d never broken, not even in his head. Until her. He’d made himself forget.

He watched her mouth curve into a smile and his dick twitched in immediate response. Something flared low and sharp in his gut. It was a sensation he didn’t think he’d ever felt before, at least without some form of specific and intentional stimulation.

“Who’s that?” he demanded.


He heard rather than saw Duncan’s puzzlement. He motioned across the expanse of the elegant lobby. “The woman there. Slim, dark hair, black suit. Talking to the blonde.”

“I thought you didn’t fuck around with the staff?”

Sam’s balls tightened in a rush. The explicit image he got was shocking. Not just because it was of her—on her knees in front of him while he fucked her from behind—but because he hadn’t been able to censor it, or control his body’s reaction to it. Sam shot him a glare. He was in no mood to be trifled with.

Duncan cleared his throat. “Ah, sorry, I think her name’s Jennifer, something like that. She works in Finance. Or maybe it’s Legal.”

“Jillian?” he managed to choke out. “Could her name be Jillian?”

“I…maybe. Why?”

“Last time I checked you were head of Human Resources, Duncan.”

“Jesus, Sam, we have over four thousand employees, two thousand in this building alone. I can’t personally keep track of all of them. I haven’t worked with her directly. She’s probably—”

“Find out. I want her file on my desk in ten minutes.”

“What’s got into you?”

Sam took a deep breath. “Schedule a meeting with her.”

“A meeting?”

“Yeah, with me.”

“You don’t know where she works or what she does in your company, but you want a meeting with her? Why?”

Sam felt the impatience he’d tried to contain roar through him. He wasn’t used to having his orders questioned and he sure as hell wasn’t used to explaining himself to anyone.

Because I’m the fucking boss and I said so.”
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Kaye Manro said...

I'm so happy you stopped by Kaily! I so agree with you about the h/h developing relationship, and the love/sex scenes.

Wonderful excerpt! I love your premise too.

Here's to awesomes sales and reviews for Picture This!

Kaily Hart said...

Thanks Kaye!! And thanks again for having me here today. I always love to hang out with liked minded writers and readers!! The response to Picture This so far has been great and I've been so happy with it.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Kaye and Kaily,

Sounds HOT! Thanks for sharing an excerpt.

Kat said...

Sounds like a great read.:-)

April Vine said...

Hey Kaye and Kaily

Congratulations on your release, Kaily. It sounds fabulous. And I agree. Nothing better than burning the sheets/wall/floor to an emotional happy ending. I love erotic romance for that reason exactly.
I wish you tons of success.

Shelley Munro said...

I have to agree about keeping the bedroom door open. Much better. ;)

I liked the excerpt.

Kaily Hart said...

Thanks, JA.
Hi Kat. I think so ;)
Thanks so much, April!
Thanks, Shelley.

Christina Phillips said...

I love that excerpt! Congratulations on your release, Kaily - I like keeping the bedroom door open too :-)