Welcome April Vine!

This is a fantastic Monday! April Vine is here today celebrating her latest release from The Wild Rose Press! I'm so happy she stopped by to tell us about her captivating new erotic ebook called Intrigue in India. And this book is getting rave reviews, even on its June 18 release day! I love that cover art too. Those Destination Pleasure covers can be so unique!

Please welcome April!

Thanks Kaye! It's always fun to stop by, and right now I have a special reason for being here. I'd love to share my latest release with you! I hope you enjoy it.

Here's the Blurb for Intrigue in India

“All you have to do is disguise yourself, pretend to be me, go to India and meet the man I’m supposed to marry. By the time he realizes you’re not me, I’ll have already eloped…”

After a break up with her boyfriend, Haley Kent agrees to her best friend, Anjali’s madcap plan, hoping mystical India will help her find inner peace. Instead Anjali’s arranged future husband turns out to be a gorgeous Indian God with a touch that scorches.

Rajeev Yuvaraj refuses to be outsmarted by the sexy, blonde, blue-eyed American and devises his own retribution. A bride is what he expected and a bride is what he would get even if it meant handcuffing Haley to his wrist during the marriage ceremony.

But when Haley discovers the true nature of his secret scheme, can Rajeev seduce her back into his arms again?

And now for the excerpt for Intrigue in India

Haley Kent resorted to her last option. She scrunched her eyes closed and willed herself away from the chaos here in India, back to the sanity of her apartment in New York.

“It would be wise to keep your eyes open, Haley. I wouldn’t want you falling into the fire,” a mocking and mildly accented voice whispered in her ear. Haley snorted as her eyes snapped open. The pot of flames before her had not vanished. The dark-skinned priest reciting mantras in a foreign language remained as well. She turned her head and glared coldly at the man sitting crossed legged beside her, dressed in a traditional Indian white silk suit, a heavy garland around his neck, and an impressive turban around his head. Rajeev Yuvaraj, still very much her groom.

Haley had a bad feeling about the scam from the start. If her older sister, Karen, had any idea the true nature of her visit to India, she’d have talked Haley out of it. But Haley had listened to her best friend, Anjali’s, epiphany with interest a week after she had broken up with her fiancĂ©, Ted.

“It would be so easy,” Anjali had said. “All you have to do is disguise yourself, pretend to be me, go to India and meet the man I’m supposed to marry. By the time he realizes you’re not me, I’ll have already eloped with Max and no one will be able to find us. And for you—India is the best place to get over that lying, cheating, so-called fiancĂ© of yours. Visit all the temples—find your inner peace again and forget that bastard, Ted. Then we’ll meet in New York and you’ll be over the moron and I’ll be married and no one can change that.”

Anjali had everything figured out. Except how her betrothed would react when he discovered he’d been scammed. 


Thanks April, for share your fantastic new release, Intrigue In India. It is my pleasure to have you here!

The buy link for Intrigue In India is ~HERE~

You can find out more about April Vine and the sensual amazing books she writes on her Website and on her Blog.

Enjoy reading Intrigue In India, everyone. I know I will! Okay, now for the goodies-- April is giving away copies of Intrigue In India to lucky commenters on her blog stops. So be sure to leave a comment to be in the running to win!



April Vine said...

Hey Kaye

Thank you so much for having me! I do so hope you enjoy Intrigue in India.

Kaye Manro said...

I'm so glad to have you here, April and congrats on the release of Intrigue In India!!

Rachel Leigh - Erotic Romance said...

Hi April,
LOVE the sound of this story - sensual, sexy, exotic, yum!! I've never read any erotic romance set in India so yours will be the first. I wish you all the best with sales.


Debs said...

Love the excerpt of this novel. Good luck to April, I hope it does really well.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi April,

I love the cover, and the book sounds yummy. Can't wait to read it.

Darah Lace said...

Congrats on the new release, April!

Angela Kay Austin said...

April, this sounds like a really great read. Love the cover.

Shelley Munro said...

It sounds like a great book, April. India is my favorite travel destination.

Christina Phillips said...

Congrats again on the release of Intrigue in India, April!! I've sooo been looking forward to reading this book, it sounds very hot and sexy!!

Suzanne Jones said...

Congratulations, India - the book sounds fantastic.

Cari Quinn said...

I'm so late but I'm here! So happy you're visiting Kaye's, April!

I can't wait to read Intrigue in India. April's books are amazingly sexy and fun and I enjoy reading her work tremendously. Best of luck with sales!

April Vine said...

Thank you to everyone! I really appreciate each one of you for stopping by.