Nutshells And Knights

Balian, my inspiration!

I'm really not resting this week! I've been deep in edits and I did post on Lindsay's Romantics today. It does not seem like April has moved into week two already, does it? Alas, it's almost been an entire week since April 1st!

I hope everyone who wanted to do it, sent in a Nocturne Bite pitch. If not, get to it. Today, April 6th at midnight NY time is the deadline.

Speaking of blurbs, lest we forget The Knight Agency Nutshell contest for a three-sentence blurb with a deadline of April 20th. I have a blurb, though I don't know if I’ll keep it. I found it a bit hard trying to fit my entire novel into three sentences, but TKA did say authors could use 150 words. At first I thought, I can't use that many words, make run on sentences and expect anyone to care, can I? And how am I supposed to write a good blurb in only three sentences?

So, I worked on it one afternoon. Since I do write blurbs fairly well, and this is good practice, I did get a working blurb going. I had to pack a lot of story in just three sentences so it is wordy. Will I keep it? Maybe not. The editor in me tends to change things quite frequently!

How about you? Do you have trouble fitting your entire story -- especially if it's a novel like mine -- into a very short blurb? Do you think a three sentence blurb can get an agent's attention?

Note: Here's a piece of information that really brings this three sentence blurb pitch into perspective.

"A blurb is two to three sentences highlighting the main concept only. Basically, it's a logline or elevator pitch."

Does everyone know about this elevator pitch? I don't think I really understood it until Nancy O'berry pointed it out to me!



Cari Quinn said...

I loved your nutshell synopsis, Kaye. I'd definitely want to read your book from those three sentences! I still have to do one for TKA's contest. I actually find it easier to write a short blurb than a 2 pg. synopsis. Plus, doing them repeatedly really hones your ability with them, I think.

I definitely need to email you to find out more about your Noc. I'm just kicking myself that I hadn't gotten a clue and congratulated you earlier! One of these days I'll have enough time to catch up with everything going on with my friends. Ah, well, a girl can hope. ;)

April Vine said...

Oh, that’s an excellent blurb, Kaye!
Like Cari, I would definitely read your book.
Whether I can sell my own book in just three sentences to an agent, is of course another matter. I would prefer they read the whole book while I give them personal commentary with jokes in between to highlight my wit…ah, if only.

Shelley Munro said...

Congratulations, Kaye. That's awesome news and I look forward to the details. I got my Noc pitch off. I just have to wait now.

Great job on the nutshell synopsis. I think it shows your conflict clearly and concisely.

Christina Phillips said...

That was a fabulous blurb, Kaye, I'd also definitely read the book based on that.

I'm very grateful for the Knight contest, as it made me sit down and knock together a blurb, something I'd been avoiding for months!! It's 122 words, so now I'm stressing I should add a few more. Or maybe I won't. LOL. Maybe I should just hit send and be done with it!!!

And OMG what news have I missed about your Nocturne??

Dianne said...

I like your blurb, Kaye. I can imagine that writing three sentences would really be hard! But yours is good. Thanks for sharing.

Kaye Manro said...

Wow! Thanks everyone for the kudos about my blurb. I didn't know if it had what it needed.

I'm glad so many are taking up the challenge. From what I'm finding out, three sentences blurbs are not uncommon. (I added about this to the post.)

For Nocturne, they want it longer--more like the back of a book cover.

And about that-- You didn't miss anything. It was supposed to be a secret for now... I'll fill you in know later.

Linda Banche said...

I took a blurbs course, and the instructor said to have 3 blurbs, a short (10 words), a medium (50 words) and a long (150.

You'd be surprised, but when you have only 10 words, you can think of a way to condense your story.

Helen Hardt said...

I think you did a great job! I definitely want to know more. But you're right, blurbs are difficult, especially when you have a word limit. Synopses are hard enough, but blurbs? Sheesh.

Sarah Simas said...

I loved your blurbs, Kaye! I know who to call when I need one! lol Writing the logline for my synopsis was torture!

When I confessed my troubles to my hubby, he asked for a very abbreviated cliff's notes of my story and in thre $#@!! minutes cranked out a perfect logline...

What is they say about forrests and trees?? LOL

Suzanne Brandyn said...

I also loved the nutshell synopsis. It sums up your novel very well and can I read it now. :)
I think if a writer is good she can gain an editors attention in three sentences.
I don't mind writing synopsis' but have to really put my mind into it.

Good Luck, I'll be cheering on the sidelines.