Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about sci-fi/futuristic romance! I write it, I read it (whenever I can find it) And I love it. I'm so pleased to feature this great novel.

The Wild Rose Press just released

a futuristic/sci-fi romance novel by author

Hywela Lyn

Did you get that? It is actually a novel. And it's Sci-fi! I'm so excited!

Here's the story:

When Jestine Darnell is rescued from her sabotaged starship by the crew of the Destiny her only objective is to complete her mission and keep her promise to save a world from slavery. Love is the last thing on her mind. However, she has not counted on losing her heart to Kerry Marchant the ship’s second in command, who makes his distrust of her painfully obvious, despite the chemistry between them. The completion of her mission has consequences that neither of them could have foreseen.

Enter Dahll Tarron, who becomes involved in a long and dangerous quest to find the Destiny. Fates become intertwined, perils shared, culminating in the realization that sometimes love may be so close that there is a danger it will not be recognized until it is too late…

Check out Starquest. How often do we get to read futuristic/sci-fi romance at its best!

Get your copy at The Wild Rose Press today. And be sure to visit the Christina Phillips blog for an interview with Hywela Lyn.



Johnny said...

Ahh, sci-fi. My favorite. I'll even read some romance as long as it has sci-fi elements. It looks like this Starquest does indeed.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I do like sci-fi romance too. I'm glad you found this book and posted it here, Kaye. I will go check it out.

Helen Hardt said...

I've already visited Christina's and Lyn's blogs today, LOL. I know Lyn's been looking forward to this one for a while. I know it will be a winner!


Kaye Manro said...

Thanks Johnny and Elizabeth for visiting.

And Helen, I just couldn't pass up promoting another sci-fi author! Call me a little nutty! LOL

Linda Banche said...

Lyn was on our "Fall Into A Good Book" promotion in the Latte Lounge on August 27, and I was the lucky person who won a copy of "Starquest" in her contest.

Best of luck to her.

Hywela Lyn said...

Just popping by to say thank you so much to Kaye for highlighting my book. 'Starquest' is very dear to my heart and I hope folks will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I'm so happy that Starquest has received great reviews and is currently second in the Wild Rose Press Faery Rose bestsellers list.

Thanks to everyone who wa kind enough to comment. It's wonderful to know there are so many others out there who enjoy science fiction with a little romance thrown in!