When Is It Too Much?

Do you know what a Bodhrán is? I do but only because I have friends who play Celtic music. (http://www.acelticconsort.com/music.html) Still, I wanted, maybe even needed to have more information on it because the WIP I'm working has Celtic flavors and background, and a scene with music and dance. So I went online to do research. And yeah, you probably know what happened-- one site led to another with fascinating stuff.

Mostly stuff not needed for the WIP, like where they hold different Highland games and such. And my daily WIP writing fell by the side while I accessed unnecessary knowledge. Before I knew it, time passed and passed. I had submerged myself in too much Celtic prattle. Like, did you know that many states in the US actually have their own Celtic Tartans (clan colors in plaid)? Not from the Highlands of Scotland, of course, and not from a family clan, but ones they created. Strange. I know I'd feel rather foolish claiming a state tartan. But it is for real.

By the way, I did find what I was looking for early on in my research.

A Bodhrán is the heartbeat of Celtic music. This ancient frame drum is traditionally made with a wooden body and a goat-skin head, and is played with a double-headed stick called a cipín. It is properly pronounced, bow-rawn.

"...Our music catches the energy of the ceili, (means a gathering) where musicians gather just for the craic." ( means great fun) ACC

Oh well, at least I have a better feel for the flavor in my story.

So How about you? Do you get too caught up in research and neglect your writing sometimes? I sure do.



Amanda said...

I do know what you mean. It happens to me all the time. I get caught looking at sites and time flies.

Christina Phillips said...

Yes I certainly do!! Funnily enough I was online last night researching Celtic traditions for a short story I just finished!!

Dianne said...

I get caught up on the internet too. Research can be fun, but it is easy to get lost too. I like your photo. And I love Celtic Consort. Thanks for the link to their music.

Kaye Manro said...

It's good to know that others do the same thing!

Christina, that's really interesting-- we were both researching Celtic sites, probably around the same time. Wonder if we hit some of the same ones?

chuck said...

Hi, just stopping by. I like the bodhran pic. And love the music link to Celtic Consort. Awesome!

Johnny said...

Yeh, it happens to all of us. But look at it this way--research is part of writing too. Maybe if we just didn't get so carried away...