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Jason Momoa as Ronon Dex in Stargate Atlantis

From time to time I like to feature a special blog post showcasing my Heroes To Die For. You know, those special guys that get our romantic hearts pumping and the muse working overtime to create heroes for our own stories.

This is my hero of the week. And believe me, my muse is going wild!

Try Jason Momoa. He's Ronon Dex on STARGATE ATLANTIS. This Hero has a sensually imposing physical presence.

His ‘kill first -- ask questions later’ approach to the exciting interstellar negotiations brings an explosive and foreboding element to the Atlantis Stargate team, and their volatile off-world excursions.

Hawaiian born Jason Momoa is also a writer and an artist. And that's as good as it gets! Love this guy? Catch him on STARGATE ATLANTIS, Friday nights at 10pm EST on the Sci-Fi channel. Tonight's episode (Broken Ties) features Ronon Dex. And this folks, is my Hero To Die For.
Here's a link to the Atlantis site:
Happy Hero Hunting!

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Cate said...

Hi Kaye! I love your Heroes to Die for series. I was wondering what happened to it. Glad it's back. Yeah, I like SG Atlantis. You sure do know how to pick heroes! Jason is one of those heart-stoppin' kind...!!!!!

Dianne said...

Oh well yes, I do love Jason (Nonon) and SG. It just goes to show heroes are lurking everywhere!

Linda Banche said...

Hi Kaye,

I love your blog. It seems to me that you have plenty of ideas to write on it. Thanks for sending me email.

Johnny said...

Hi, well you know I love SGA. Most Sci-Fi people do. And it's true Ronon adds the brawn element to the team. I guess you girls would say, hunk, lol.

Christina Phillips said...

I love SG but over here they put the Atlantis one on at such stupid hours I kept missing it - now I have no idea what's going on! But hey, with eye candy like this... does that matter...!! lol!!

Kaye said...

Yes, guys Jason is a hotty! Glad you are enjoying my Heroes to Die for series!