So Many Words

Bar Harbor, Maine
one of my favorite summertime places
where the lobstering is fine so come on in!

So many writers are doing challenges these days.--50K in a month,
etc.--It's so good for writers to participate. It gets us up and going with out work. It's a wonder I haven't gotten involved in one, or two myself. But truthfully, I do write and revise a bunch. So maybe, if I count the words I've worked so far this summer, I'd be near the challenge level too.

I'm busy writing and rewriting several of my manuscripts. Blogging is fun for sure. But actual writing takes first place. I do admire those who can write like the wind and blog at the same pace. Some do it everyday. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am here and I have plans to post more often. But knowing me, I won't make any promises. Truly I will try, honest.

Take care all and I'll see you soon...



dianne said...

Hi just stopped by to see how you are doing. Glad you are writing. How's Maine? Bar Harbor sounds great.

Johnny said...

Hey, good writig too you. love Bar Harbor.

Kiki said...

Interesting to know.