Will It Ever End?

This snow dog knows how to take it easy!

Snow and more snow with winter mixes still to come... Is this winter getting you down? I long for the warm breezes of spring and yearn for the colors to come back too. When did I say I liked snow? I don't recall ever saying that. Can I say cabin fever? At least (as of yet) I don't have the flu like some of my friends...

Instead of bemoaning my snowy plight, I decided to make a bit of fun out of it. So I searched for pics that are funny and cute and have to do with snow and winter.

Here's another for you...

The Original Snowman... Try building him in your front yard!

Dispel the blahs by creating some fun of your own today!


Julie said...

Oh yeah on the blahs of winter... cute pics though

Johnny said...

I can relate. And heaven forbid the flu plague comes my way... + Stay away oh ye black plague of 2008!