Sharing The Love

February is that special time of year for celebrating love and also romance writers! So I'll be sharing some timely and lovely thoughts and happenings during this month. I'm going to start out with something that touched me deeply-- the love between Dan Fogelberg and his wife, Jean.

The ultimate Valentine

As an incurable romantic I couldn't help but be touched by something so special that it brought a tear to my eye. If you couldn’t be with your husband/lover on Valentine’s Day, and he sent you the ultimate gift of a dozen long-stemmed red roses along with a recorded song he wrote and sang just for you, what would you do? I’d laugh, cry and just feel, well, giddy all over.

On Valentine’s Day, 2005 that’s just what happened to Jean Fogelberg. She and Dan couldn’t be together. Yet she received the ultimate gift of his love...

Now she is willing to share this wonderful gift with everyone, and aren’t we lucky? You can hear their love song, titled "Sometimes A Song" on WLTW 106.7 Lite FM New York, Monday night (that's tonight at 8:15 EST.)

This is one of eleven previously unrecorded songs (nine originals) that will be released later this year on a CD Dan titled "Love In Time".

Even though he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on and on through his songs. And what a wonderfully romantic Valentine's gift his songs make for your own love.


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Hi and thanks for the information. I always have like DF songs.