Characters in Adversity

Back to the plot: I've looked through several books on the subject of plot as a refresher. Keeping my own style of writing in mind, here's what I think:

It's simply that Plot arises from characters under adversity. The best plots arise naturally from characters getting into or being confronted with trouble. One way to approach plotting is to use this idea and allow a plot to develop on its own by putting your characters in sticky situations and see what happens. But this is only one way. Some like an ironclad developed plot before starting to write. I'm more the panster type but with a story and character outline first. Then I write, revise and rewrite as I go along. The main thing to remember is what I said in the first line of this paragraph-- plot does arise from the characters and their adversity.

I suppose I can call this my plotting style. So what is your plotting style? Any other comments or ideas on plotting?



Michelle S said...

It's true, adversity is the key word here. And you know,, I like doing both planning and panstering.

Cate said...

I like the way you summed it up. I'll think more clearly about it as I create my stories.

Johnny said...

I like what you said here. You summed it up nicely. Adversity is so important in plotting. I'm a planner from the word go.

Mona said...

This is good... I hope you continue to add more about plot!