Is It Here yet?

Did I keep you waiting? Not enough holiday writing cheer around here, huh? Well, I agree so I am whipping up a batch real soon. December is in the air. That means 'Tis The Season is just around the corner and my dancing shoes tiptoe across the pages in many colors!


Elaine said...


I've been following the thoughts you've had on Distant Vision and I was wondering if you had explored the time line aspect any further? And how's the aunt with the tea leaves? lol

Kaye Manro said...

Elaine, I am exploring the time line aspect. It's more of a dimensional rift than a time line for Distant Vision, however. But it still needs the research to make it realistic in relation to the story. I got off track from the tealeaf exploration, but plan to get back to it after the holidays. Thanks for following. Kaye