Time Machines

Some scientists agree that time travel is possible. The theory of relativity allows it. But we are a long way from the real thing. I found the following article and thought it would be fun to share since much of my writing has at least some type of time travel in it. Isn't that an awesome looking futuristic Time Machine pictured here?
Time Machines
A new concept for a Time Machine could possibly enable distant future generations to travel into the past, research now suggests. Unlike past ideas for time machines, this new concept does not require exotic, theoretical forms of matter. Still, this new idea requires technology far more advanced than anything existing today, and major questions remain as to whether any time machine would ever prove stable enough to enable actual travel back in time.
Time machine researchers often investigate gravity, which essentially arises when matter bends space and time. Time travel research is based on bending space-time so far that timelines actually turn back on themselves to form a loop, technically known as a "closed time-like curve."
"We know that bending does happen all the time, but we want the bending to be strong enough and to take a special form where the lines of time make closed loops," said theoretical physicist Amos Ori. "We are trying to find out if it is possible to manipulate space-time to develop in such a way."
But is time travel possible?
Ori's latest research suggests time machines are possible without exotic matter, eliminating a barrier to time travel. His work begins with a donut-shaped hole enveloped within a sphere of normal matter. "We're talking about these closed loops of time, and the simplest kind of closed loops are circles, which is why we have this ring-shaped hole," Ori explained.
Inside this donut-shaped vacuum, space-time could get bent upon itself using focused gravitational fields to form a closed time-like curve. To go back in time, a traveler would race around inside the donut, going further back into the past with each lap.
"The machine is space-time itself," Ori said. "If we were to create an area with a warp like this in space that would enable time lines to close on themselves, it might enable future generations to return to visit our time."
I think about time travel and time machines a great deal. While writing the Tales of Lochnire series heroine Gwenlyn Faris from the 23rd Century steps through a Portal leading to the 12th century. She is in pursuit of a villain from her own time who is disrupting timelines. Since in the future, time travel is possible, the story's premise is about those who protect timelines from others who would destroy them for selfish gain. But when Gwenlyn meets hero Sir Jonathan, a 12th Century knight, well...things get shaken up a bit.


Julie Kellerman said...

Great info in this article! I like your knight tales. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle S. said...

Awesome article. We can send information in an instant. The next step would be sending matter, don't you think? Like bodies back in time.

Cate S. Miller said...

Kaye! I love this! It always thrills me to no end to dream about traveling through time, or better still vortexes to other parallels. Heck, let's just travel to other planets. Now that would be a kick too. Love it to happen in our lifetime!

Kaye said...

Well you know I agree with you, Cate. But until that happens, we can always use our imaginations and write about it. K