Inspiration, who inspires you?

Dictionary.com says inspiration is:
"Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity and creativity."
I have been thinking about who at this moment inspires me the most as a writer...
Some people have the natural ability to inspire others just by being who they are...
Those who have great energy and never-ending positive attitudes laced with patience and appreciation for all things in life, with a generous spattering of wit. Successful and accomplished, you know there will always be more to come from them and you cannot wait to see what it will be... Whether it is a new book, an inspiring comment, or a great photo.

I should be so lucky and karma free of excess baggage!

Today I am speaking of a fellow Romance Writer whom I have come to respect and enjoy. She lives life to the fullest and seems to possess a mysterious charm and wit to get her through any crisis or harrowing situation.

She writes good stories and gets her work published, raises three kids, and is building a new house.

Here's to you, Suzanne McMinn!

Check out her website in my list of authors below. You just may become inspired too.
Her latest book, Hero’s Redemption (pictured above) hits the bookshelves October 1st.

So who would you say inspires you today and why?

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Michelle S. said...

Yes! I agree with you, Suzanne is great! She never fails to inspire. Hey, you aren't so bad yourself! So here's to inspiring, rather than aspiring writers everywhere.

Johnny said...

Who inspires me? I say right about now it would be Scott Nicholson. His latest release is "They Hunger". It's a scary thriller and since I'm working in that genre, I've been reading his works. He's a heck of a writer, very descriptive. So I say he's my inspiration now.

Sheri W. said...

Yes, Suzanne is an excellent writer. And I'd say she's an inspiration to all who know her work. Here's to you, Kaye for honoring Suzanne on your blog!